Friday, November 29, 2013

Sneak peak

I'm so excited!!!! The hood on my boys' hoodie turned out great!!!! Woot woo!!! First attempt at a hoodie& I love it!!!  
I hope to finish it up and wrap it before the boys get home from my moms house.  I think they will love it. My oldest likes red and my youngest like blue.  If I am brave enough, I'm thinking of doing bottoms as well. Not sure yet if I will do a poncho type, I think that would be a lot easier. They already have plenty of regular hoodies. I think poncho style will be a lot better because they can also pretend to be super Heros while wearing it. I've already made the masks.


Easy circle, can be used as a start on a hat, pot holder, coaster, exc.
Yarn used (for hat), I love this yarn(ilty)
Hook size: H
Chain 4, loop 2into first stitch, 4 into second, and 6 into third( or do magic circle).  Single crochet 2 in each stitch around.  Next row single crochet 1, 2xsc, round.
2,2xsc, 3,2xsc... Continue increasing until 10 single crochet, 2xsc round
You should have 62 stitches, give or take. 

If continuing to make a hat, single crochet in rounds til you get the length desired.
If stopping at 62 stitches, slst round, fasten off,and weave ends.

New stitch

Hey!! So I was working on my blue and red striped hat  and came up with a new stitch, well, it's new to me.  I was doing all single crochet... And thought, why not single crochet one, chain one, skip one, repeat?  I did. I think I like the way it looks. I'm not sure if it decreases anything.  I will keep going for a few rows to make sure.  It is such a cute stitch.  I'm excited. Yay!!!


Good morning everyone.  I hope that y'all had a happy thanksgiving and first night of Hanukkah.  My boys are with my mom this weekend so it's just my husband and I.  He will most likely be playing video games when he gets home from work tonight, I will be crocheting on something, I'm sure.
The cold weather this morning has me thinking about my order of headbands I need to finish for a friend.  So far I have only made one.  I have two more headbands to go and another hat.  She like nature surroundings so I am trying my best to go with a nature theme, doing neat stitch patterns. Hmmm maybe I could cross stitch a flower or something. 
Cross stitching is fairly easy.
Take a fairly long strand of yarn, Thread your needle with it, make sure you have all of the yarn through.  Tie the end.
Go thru your crocheted project, down across, thru the back... Up the opposite side, down across.  This will look like a (X). Keep repeating until you get the pattern you want.   Tie off by making a loop thru the last stitch. 
Now, you can use more than one color if you want to fill it in. There are great videos out there if you need more help.
Lovely morning but this migraine is calling me back to sleep a few more hours. Ah, the joys of sleeping in.  I sure do miss my children. Maybe I'll crochet something for them while they are gone.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yarn score

The big box store was a mad house.
I was able to grab up 5 skeins of 14oz RHSS for $3.88/ each!!! Total score!!
Right now back to the tiger I'm making hubby.

Turkey stripes

Hubby is in the kitchen cooking the turkey, I'm in the bedroom with my pretty yarn.  I'm working on his Bengal tiger. I think I've got the pattern alright.  That is, if I can get the head round enough.  Luckily for me that my husband is wonderful and doesn't bother caring about little non sense like that.  I know he will love it because it is from me. 
Once I finish the little tiger, and I mean little... Like half my hand, but not teeny tiny, I've got to make a Packers green& gold hoodie for the little guy!  We are huge Packers fans at our house.  In fact, we will be watching the game tonight!! I sure hope we win.
Anyways, there are several ways to join colors, switch, exc.
The way I am doing is the easiest for small projects.  Tie in the second color, the first stitch is with BOTH colors, flip the first color to the front, continue around with the second color, next row (in second color) flip first color to the back.  Keep flipping front then back when you circle round.  Switching back to the first color is easy, loop thru (yarn over) with second color(1 loop), then finish stitch with first color, laying second color in front.  Repeat around til second color is not needed, tie off one stitch down.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm watching my hubby's favorite movie, and am contemplating making him a giaraffe for his anniversary present.   King Julian on the light pole is hilarious!!! Ha!
I'll let you know how it turns out.
Oh, in other news, I was at my favorite big box store getting som RHSS and I walk around the corner, yarn in hand and I see one of my hats!! Goodness, one of mine, I recongnize it right away! Those crazy stitches.  I had just learned the half double and could barely join colors.  I walk up to the lady and tell her I love her hat, she turns at me and smiles.  So nice to see my old friends moms.  
Well, hope everyone gets some sleep. Gotta check my tators for tomorrow.

I'm also on Facebook if anyone wants to check out my page there.
I'm doing a giveaway. All you have to do is like my page, find the post that Saids; what color am I?, and type in Blogger Blue. 
Once I reach 107 likes on my Facebook wall, I will draw names for a free holiday gift, shipping included in the USA.  
Thanks, and I hope you stop by to check it out.

Baby Mobil

There are a lot of cute baby mobiles out there at big box stores, why not make your own?  To begin you need something round and big enough to hold what you would like to put on it.
For mine, I used a big loom.  I seperated  the inside from the out, using only the one that has the adjuster.
Then I wrapped soft yarn, like lion brands home spun. Make sure you've got it nice and tight so it does not slip, as little ones most likely will be pulling on it. If you choose to you can cut off the remaining part of the tighter.  I did not.  Crochet 10-12 long strands to tie your objects onto. Secure tightly to the round object of your choice( that you just wrapped).  Next, take your objects and loop them through the chains and secure tightly.
I'm using a simple plastic hanger to hang mine up, but if you choose, you may chain another four(4) strands to tie around the sides of your round object, being together at the top and tie all four stands together. Then you can hang your Mobil from a hook above your crib or wherever you choose.


Awe good morning.
I was flipping through my social media and came across...... Swats. 
What bizarness.  I find them odd but amusing.  The fact that you can up cycle a sweater into a pair of "bottoms" is hilarious non the less.
My thoughts are what about people that have curves???
Hmm, I may have to find a old sweater( buy one) and try this out. 

Other than that, today I will be finishing my braids for the flower button hat.
Hopeful to do at least one headband as well, we will see how rambunctious my boys are when they wake up.. Now for hopefully another hour of sleep.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ear flaps

There are several ways to make ear flaps for a hat.
One of the ways that I do it is:
Once you get hat the length you want( just below top of ears)
Single crochet across 7-11 stitches
(7-baby, 9- child, 11-adult)
I will use 11 stitches.
Chain 1, flip, chain 11, flip, chain 1, skip into 2nd stitch( so as to not increase or decrease), do this for 4-7 rows or until desired length.
Single crochet down the side( to finish where you left off)..... Sc round til you get to where the other ear is.( or halfway)
Sc 11, flip, chain1, skip 1...
Repeat til the rows match other side.
Slst & finish off.
I like to do a nice finishing round. But that's up to you.

Adding braids

Adding braids to a hat may seem rather difficult but it can be quite easy once you get the hang of it.
I personally learned how to braid when I was little.  I used to have hair that went down past my waist. 
You start off with 3 strands. Cross the first over the other two, then the middle, then the last. Straighten out the ends as you go.
To add braids to a finished hat:
Start by cutting a good length of yarn for you to double as a braid.  You need roughly 30 strands of yarn to do both sides.
Take 15 strands and put the aside( secure together)
Separate the remaining 15 into 3rds(5each)
Make 3 braids
Take 1 braid at a time and loop one end into the first stitch ( of ear flap)
Take the other end and pull through second stitch.  Then take both ends and loop through the "line"  | - | hole.
Do the same for the remaining 2 braids.
Repeat for other side.

Adding a flower with a button.

Its super easy to add a flower using a button.
First you chain 4, loop sc 6 inside circle. 2xsc round
For the last row you sc, 2xsc in next, chain 2( do not skip), sc next stitch.
Cont., fasten off and weave in.
Next: make sure the button you choose can fit thru the circle, easily, but snug.
Take the button, thread the yarn of the hat or coordinating color through the button holes, leave enough yarn to tie a few times.
Take your hook, loop the yarn through to the back side, skip 1-2 stitches( depending on size of button), loop the other strand of yarn through( the back)
Tie( both strands) together. Secure it with a double or triple knot.  Make sure the button is facing the front and the knit is on the inside!!!
Gently take the flower and pull over the button. 


little humans

Little humans require a lot of attention.

I have 2 of the middle size models myself.    My journey started 10 years ago.  I was in between college classes, met a boy and poof.. my life changed forever.
The past 10 years are now a blur... I have forgotten about the sleepless nights and the hard aches of a fetus kicking my bladder.   Now, I am brought back to that time.
Not because I am "Prego", " expecting", "with child", "got a bun in the oven".. no, I am not pregnant.
Why cant people just say pregnant, that is the medical term, is it not?  Whats with wanting to compare you growing uterus to a jar of pasta sauce?  I really do not understand that term.  Pregnant women are a bit odd.  Was I really that dense?  Surely not.  Back to me.
I have forgotten all about the woes to be pregnant... after all, my boys are 9 and 7 years.
That is, until someone invented the black hole I like to call social media.
Now, not only do I know of 3 girls that are "prego", 4 more have recently gave birth to their jar of pasta sauce.  Good for them, that is great. Really.    Deep down I really could care less about all their troubles, the food cravings, the belly aches, the back pain, the whatever is wrong with them on that certain day.  Really, good for you.
The problem I have is that I read/ see/ hear about it constantly.  One girl even complained because she could not get another piercing because she was "prego"... oh, boo hoo hoo. I am so very devastated for you, not.  Again, Really?? Your going to complain about that? 
Let me tell you about my problems.
I had my sons relatively easy.  Bam, nothing wrong in that department.  In fact, during my past marriage, we had decided we did not want more children.  Two were enough,   by we, I really mean, my ex husband.  I was on a certain type of no little human control... I had that removed roughly 2 years afterwards.  Shortly after that, my ex husband left.  No worries, there were pills for that sort of thing.  I took the pills, until I met and married my wonderful husband.  He did not have any biological children, I wanted more, so no pills, no nothing, just exploring.  Here I am almost 3 years later.  Rounds of fertility medications.  Numerous trips to the doctors, tests, more tests, and even a surgery.  Still not pregnant.  My youngest told me last night that maybe I was meant to just have him and his brother.  Perhaps he is correct.  If that happens to be the Creators plan than okay.  But why do I have this urge to mother another child?  Why does my body not work properly?  Why all these questions?
And surely, Why on Earth do I have to listen to others grip and complain about  being "prego" or having a screaming infant.  If they did not want this, why do the act that causes the condition?  I rather not have to listen to others complain about something I have longed for these last 3 years.  

Woe to me.
On the brighter note, if you happen to be one of these people, there are lots of lovely yarns out there to make up little human clothing and accessories.  
I personally like bumble bee, Vanna white, ilty, and red heart with love.  Then again, there is the lovely world of cotton, which is great because of its wash ability.  Everyone knows that little humans make alot of messes.  Mine sure do.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

More socks

Found tons of socks while cleaning my boys room... So lucky to found the old Easter basket( from this spring).... Here's it in good use.


I've been helping my boys organize their room all day. I have a few more ideas I want to try. One of which is sick bags. I originally got the idea after I made a hippy dam hat that a client didn't want. I was upset so tied a braided band on the sides and used it to hang up stuff with. 
I was cleaning out hubby's drawers& stuffed socks it it and viola! Genius.  The second was a leftover Easter bag I made for my oldest... Anyways it's a long hat.
This time I'm thinking
Magic circle
Increase to 9sc, 2xsc...
Then about 15 rows around.
Add braids to sides & tie.
The other storage idea I made was a car seat cover that kept slipping, repurposed for a stuffed animal(Scentsy buddy) holder.

Love sparkles& stockings

Good morning everyone!

I have been working on a alteration to the stocking pattern I found on The Yarn Box.  So far I have done the magic circle, around for about 7 sc, 2x sc in next.. Trying to make it where there is enough stretch to fit my feet, but not fall off or have too much of a gap between stitches. 

I really love the yarn by bumble bee. It's a rainbow color with little bit of sparkle, similar to the consistency of the red heart shimmer. Later I will try my hand at mixing the two. 


Crochet vs Knit

I had a friend of mine ask me what the difference between crochet and knit.
Here's what I've came up with.
1.a Crochet uses a single(1) hook
1.b Knit uses two(2) needles
2.a Crochet goes into the next stitch
2.b Knit loops around several times
3.a Crochet rows tend to go side by side
3.b Knit rows tend to go up and down
4.a Crochet connects the foundation chain to the first stitch
4.b Knit uses multiple double-sided needles and goes in a circle
5.a Crochet is almost strictly by hand
5.b Knit can be done by a machine
6.a Crochet pieces are thicker, with more give
6.b Knit pieces are thinner and can stretch less
7.a Crochet takes less time but uses slightly more yarn
7.b Knit uses more time but a bit less yarn

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Here's my sweet little monkeys dress I made a while back.
I used yarn bee yarn and a f hook. Start with a chain long enough for wrapping aroun the head. Join and sc around. When you get to the arms, chain 4, skip a few and join, do same on other side& keep circling around. You can also use hds if you want, increase every few rows or according to shape of the body. I like to do some sort of ruffle stitch on bottom. Finish with slip stitch. 

My wreath

Here's how my wreath turned out.  I used the tinsile I made for the Christmas tree last year, wrapped it around a (1/2)loom for the bottom part.

For the hanger part I used rainbow baby bee yarn and sc a sick to slip over it. 
The hanger part is simple 3 colors wrapped together around it.
Flowers attached to the wreath itself and one in the middle of the hanger.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mom's blanket

I'm contemplating addin a few more colors to my moms blanket. I still can't crochet because of my hurt wrist so I'm trying to come up with new ideas of what I would like to do. 
So far I've got 8 colors on it. Not sure how it'll look with more. 

Ornament pattern

Christmas time is near!!! Easy stockings( pattern posted earlier)

Ornaments: for covering, chain 4, pull tight, stitch into first, 2x sc round

Hdc2 rows, sc 2 rows, .. ..

Last row; slip thru first, back thru second, pull thru( slst into 2 stitches together), tie.

To hang, chain 20, loop thru top, knot ontop crochet.


Friday, November 22, 2013



Almost finished with the stripped beanie and I get sharp pain. 
I won't be crocheting a while.  I have to wear my brace.😓 
To think I bought some really pretty yarn today.

Another ornament

Beanie for a friend of my husband.

Circles circles everywhere

Lots of circles this week.  First I started doing Christmas ornaments for the ladies at church. Then I got the idea to cover my tree with them.  I don't mind regular ornaments, like the plastic spongy ones.  I can't own very many glass ones because of my children.   The ones I have now aren't glass, but if you push on them a bit, it makes a hole in them for some reason. Either way, they are okay. 
The only thing I really don't like about them is the glitter crap that on them. Who ever thought of glitter must have issues. No offense if you are a glitter person, that's all good on your boat but I do not like glitter.   I don't like glitter exploding on me when I'm trying to cover a ornament in yarn.   
The next circle was part of the stockings that I am doing for my family. So far I have made mine, my husbands, and one kid. I'm not happy with my sons. It might just be a color issue. Not really sure, you know how you can be working with yarn exactly like it and then you can't stand it anymore.  Yes, I am there!!! 
I might redo it later, who knows.
The third is a beanie I'm working up for a friend of my hubby's. 
It's going pretty well. Nothing to complain about, besides my hubby going thru a zillolion annoying ringtones& now my phone battery is going low. 20% is more like -2%

Thane's Christmas socks

Thane has been begging me to make him some socks for Christmas. So far I like them, just hope he doesn't wear them out on the carpet.  They are made with regular soft acrylic, not sock yarn, so I'll have to tell him they go with his cowboy boots or something. I've heard that carpet can wear out socks bad. 


Chain 50, 
Sc 2 rows
FPsc 2 rows 
FPsc, chain 1, FPsc, chain 1
FPsc 2 rows
Sc 2 rows
Slst round
Add button. 

Basic beanie

My simple basic easypeasy beanie;
Chain 2, in first sc6  
2x sc round  =12
sc1, 2xsc, sc1, 2xsc,=18
sc2, 2xsc...=24
sc3, 2xsc...=30

sc4, 2xsc....=36
sc5, 2xsc....=42
sc6, 2xsc....=48
sc7, 2xsc.....=52
sc round x -- how ever long you want. 

For babies- sc4,2xsc, then sc round
Kids- sc6/7, 2xsc, then sc round
Women- sc 7-9, 2xsc, then sc round
Men- sc 9-11,2xsc, then sc round

This is based on No stretching whatsoever.  I would highly recommend measuring the head first and checking to make sure it's not to big. Personally my head is 22inches round. So a sc7 would fit me.
I will post a size chart soon.


For me by me

A yarnie friend of mine gave me some gas money for taking her to a big box store... I won't say the name, but if you've seen my profile page on Fcbk you know which one I'm talking about...
There I was with my Lele bug in the basket.... Oh, goodness he still thinks he can fit in a basket. He's 7! Almost 8. Good thing he's skinny.
Anyways, I get to HL!! My favorite craft store... Ooooh laaaa they are having a sale on ILTY goodness me.  I look at all the pretties... I've got this one, this is pretty, blah, bland, then I see it!!!!!!

The mother load!!! This wonderful amazing beautiful yarn that's calling my name" ANDRIA".... Come and make something with me..... 
I snatch it up like it's my precious. 
Oooh.... Must get more today.
So far I have made 10 ornament covers, a lovely little stocking for myself and half a slouch beanie for myself.


If heaven were a yarn store

This obviously is nothing compared to Heaven, but is like to think there will be at least some yarn bombed trees in front of my mansion. Pretty yarn all around.

There were 6 aisles   of yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.
My first trip ever to a actual yarn store.
   My husband surprised me with a trip to little rock.  It was such a lovely day.  We went to The Yarn Store, I was in awe! Such beauties.  There were silks, mohair, chenille, wool, and lots of acrylic blends.
 I only wish I had the means to pay $16/ a twist.  I got a $4.50 skein of wool/ acrylic... That was more reasonable to me.   I made myself a sock from the yarn.

I've yet to make the mate, perhaps today if I get to it.


These are my lovely yarns brought to me from my sweet Aunti  Lisa.  She picked them up at a thrift store.  I washed the blue wool first, 2 rinses of liquid dish soap.  Then once more In lavender softener.  

Washing yarns

Word of advise, when machine washing skeins, make sure to secure tightly and keep different skeins separate.
More venting about this in a different post of mine.


I feel like this Parmesan shaker.  I'm full as full can be but people keep emptying me, forgetting to refill me until they need me again.Relaxing is a thing of the past as I shuffle through daily life.


Hey guys!!! 
So I have been told that I need to blog more... Geez I really don't know what to write about.   I'm sitting here with the family, eating pizza and my brat son tells me how wonderful the ex is, how he wishes for all these toys for Christmas. Sorry but Santa died along time ago.
My husband and I try our best to give the boys everything they need and most of what they want.  Seems like I can work all week long crocheting a dinosaur or zombie or octopus for them, hours untangling yarn and spinning it by hand, fogging again and again til my hands cramp... It's never ever good enough for them.
Sure they act grateful and may play for a day or so, but in the end, it gets thrown into the mountain of toys already in their room. 
More venting later.   I'm still hungry.

From last nights rain

So my hubby is outside in the rain, filling up my car with gas.  Reminds me of last night when I washed some of my acrylic yarn that my favorite Aunti bought for me.  I started the night off thinking that it was such a great idea.  I'm going to wash this yarn and magically it's going to smell tons better and not have a single unraveling.  Oh, the humility I faced as I looked in the washer and not only saw my perfect little skeins all tangled, but they smelled still and what's worse?? They were out if the pillow case is so carefully prepared and secured with a hair tie. Ugh! 
I was discouraged that my perfect plan had came unravelled, literally. 
So here I am listening to my hubby yell at someone not stopping at a light and I'm thinking of yarn.  My mind wonders, so, like rain washing a dirty car, I unraveled my lovely little skeins of yarn, wrapped them up the best I could, gently untangling them as I separated the pink wool from the red acrylic.  Oh, you should have seen the brown.   I ended up re using the two pillowcases, separated the colors, and again attempted to securely tie them.
This time was like the foam on the car tires, you scrub and scrub trying to get them shiny.. I used a bit of fabric softener.  This should work, I thought to myself as I poured the lavender breeze into my washing machine.
Oh, the joys as the rinse cycle finished. I was very hopeful as I opened the lid, turning off the green finished light. 
They smelled wonderful.  My senses had a overload of pure lavender scent.I tossed my loves into the dryer and pressed the knob over to the most gentle cycle I had. 30 minutes should work.  Or so I thought.
I was naive...  So hopeful that they would be dry and fluffy and ready to be used. As I opened the pillow cases I reloaded that not only were they not dry inside, they had again unraveled. This was it, all my hard work was for nothing.
Well, I'm not one to let yarn defeat me so I put them back in the dryer twice more. 
The final result was satisfying.  Fully dry little tangled skeins of yarn. Waiting for me to pull,unravel, and roll back together.
Well, we made it home so off to my lovely yarn.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

This technology stuff is making me upset.

So, I have been posting like crazy, thinking its on my blog.  Come to find out its not on here.
Apparently  I  have been posting on my google plus account, instead of my blog.
Let's just say I am rather upset right now.

So after tossing my computer down and placing my phone beside it I went to sleep. Gosh I was so frustrated... Luckily I had a great dream and this morning I found the APP!!!! Yay! Go me. 
Sometimes I feel so inadequate.  Like ya know.... Really dense. Ha! I'm not, I have to remember that I may not have a degree, but I went to college.  I actually did pretty decent.   I found my phone plugged into the charger this morning. My wonderful husband did this.  I am so very blessed to have him.  I would not have to patience for daily things, he has taken away most of my stress, I'm working on the anxiety part. 
Hmmm, reminds me of all the lovely tangled up yarn.  It's been beaten, torn apart, strung out... And somehow mashed together again to make a beautiful skein.
I think I'll surprise my hubby and take him for some cappuccino before work.  
Now that I've figured this out, I will be posting a lot more and hopefully start to get paid!!!!
Yay!!! More yarn!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's in a circle anyway?

The circle debate continues.  Here's another way that I do it...
chain 3, pull tight. ( makes 2 chain) jump back and single crochet 6 into the first stitch.
Continue around making 2x sc in each til you have 12 stitches.
sc 1, 2x sc in next, continue 18 stitches

This is a bit tighter than the magic circle and doesn't have quite as big of a gap in the middle.
would recommend for animals and such.


Morning Yarn

Good morning everyone,
                            Here I am, getting a reminder to blog from my yarnie friend.  I seriously doubt anyone wants to read about my ravioli breakfast...

I have been working on this cute little owl lovie for a friend, that's kept me rather busy lately.
So far I have done a magic circle (6) increase around for the body, decreased to every 5th.  then increase again for the head.
I am rather horrible to forget to write down my patterns.  I have taken photos though and will try to post them here.

Today has already been hectic and I have yet to pick up my hook and yarn... I will attempt to finish at least the eyes of the owl today.
I have been working on a blanket for my mom as well, so reluctantly I will have to do a few rows on that also.

Happy hook day,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

kippah/ yarmulke pattern

Hanukkah is just around the corner,  everyone needs a good kippah/ yarmulke.  This pattern is super easy to whip up and can be used with various types of yarn to achieve the look you desire.
For mine, I used a size G hook and I love this Yarn.

Multiples of 8, all Single Crochet
Start with a magic circle.  (chain 5, pull tight, join with first stitch,8 single crochet inside.)
*row 1* sc 2 stitches in each hole around (16)
*row 2* sc in first stitch, 2x sc in second stitch, cont. alternation around (24)
*row 3* sc 2 stitches, 2x sc in third, cont. around (32)
*row 4* sc 3 stitches, 2x sc in fourth, cont. around (40)
*row 5* sc 4 stitches, 2x sc in fifth, cont. around (48)
*row 6* sc 5 stitches, 2x sc in sixth, cont. around (56)
Circle will start to curl
*row 7*Join in 2nd color, sc around with 1st color flat on top (crochet around 1st color) (56)
*row 8*Switch to 1st color, sc around ( with 2nd color flat) (56)
*row 9* Switch to 2nd color, sc around ( with 1st color flat)(56)
Seams should line up when you switch colors.  If not, no worries.
Cut & Tie 2nd color, only 1st color remains
*row 10* sc around (56)
*row 11* sc around (56)
*row 12* sc around (56)
*row 13* Slip Stitch around, Tie off.

Variations:  If you wish to add a 3rd color,  row 8 would be 3rd color, row 9 would be 2nd color, row 10 would be 1st color.

If only one color is desired, simply continue without switching colors.