Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adding braids

Adding braids to a hat may seem rather difficult but it can be quite easy once you get the hang of it.
I personally learned how to braid when I was little.  I used to have hair that went down past my waist. 
You start off with 3 strands. Cross the first over the other two, then the middle, then the last. Straighten out the ends as you go.
To add braids to a finished hat:
Start by cutting a good length of yarn for you to double as a braid.  You need roughly 30 strands of yarn to do both sides.
Take 15 strands and put the aside( secure together)
Separate the remaining 15 into 3rds(5each)
Make 3 braids
Take 1 braid at a time and loop one end into the first stitch ( of ear flap)
Take the other end and pull through second stitch.  Then take both ends and loop through the "line"  | - | hole.
Do the same for the remaining 2 braids.
Repeat for other side.

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