Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adding a flower with a button.

Its super easy to add a flower using a button.
First you chain 4, loop sc 6 inside circle. 2xsc round
For the last row you sc, 2xsc in next, chain 2( do not skip), sc next stitch.
Cont., fasten off and weave in.
Next: make sure the button you choose can fit thru the circle, easily, but snug.
Take the button, thread the yarn of the hat or coordinating color through the button holes, leave enough yarn to tie a few times.
Take your hook, loop the yarn through to the back side, skip 1-2 stitches( depending on size of button), loop the other strand of yarn through( the back)
Tie( both strands) together. Secure it with a double or triple knot.  Make sure the button is facing the front and the knit is on the inside!!!
Gently take the flower and pull over the button. 


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