Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baby Mobil

There are a lot of cute baby mobiles out there at big box stores, why not make your own?  To begin you need something round and big enough to hold what you would like to put on it.
For mine, I used a big loom.  I seperated  the inside from the out, using only the one that has the adjuster.
Then I wrapped soft yarn, like lion brands home spun. Make sure you've got it nice and tight so it does not slip, as little ones most likely will be pulling on it. If you choose to you can cut off the remaining part of the tighter.  I did not.  Crochet 10-12 long strands to tie your objects onto. Secure tightly to the round object of your choice( that you just wrapped).  Next, take your objects and loop them through the chains and secure tightly.
I'm using a simple plastic hanger to hang mine up, but if you choose, you may chain another four(4) strands to tie around the sides of your round object, being together at the top and tie all four stands together. Then you can hang your Mobil from a hook above your crib or wherever you choose.

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