Friday, November 22, 2013

Basic beanie

My simple basic easypeasy beanie;
Chain 2, in first sc6  
2x sc round  =12
sc1, 2xsc, sc1, 2xsc,=18
sc2, 2xsc...=24
sc3, 2xsc...=30

sc4, 2xsc....=36
sc5, 2xsc....=42
sc6, 2xsc....=48
sc7, 2xsc.....=52
sc round x -- how ever long you want. 

For babies- sc4,2xsc, then sc round
Kids- sc6/7, 2xsc, then sc round
Women- sc 7-9, 2xsc, then sc round
Men- sc 9-11,2xsc, then sc round

This is based on No stretching whatsoever.  I would highly recommend measuring the head first and checking to make sure it's not to big. Personally my head is 22inches round. So a sc7 would fit me.
I will post a size chart soon.


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