Friday, November 22, 2013

Circles circles everywhere

Lots of circles this week.  First I started doing Christmas ornaments for the ladies at church. Then I got the idea to cover my tree with them.  I don't mind regular ornaments, like the plastic spongy ones.  I can't own very many glass ones because of my children.   The ones I have now aren't glass, but if you push on them a bit, it makes a hole in them for some reason. Either way, they are okay. 
The only thing I really don't like about them is the glitter crap that on them. Who ever thought of glitter must have issues. No offense if you are a glitter person, that's all good on your boat but I do not like glitter.   I don't like glitter exploding on me when I'm trying to cover a ornament in yarn.   
The next circle was part of the stockings that I am doing for my family. So far I have made mine, my husbands, and one kid. I'm not happy with my sons. It might just be a color issue. Not really sure, you know how you can be working with yarn exactly like it and then you can't stand it anymore.  Yes, I am there!!! 
I might redo it later, who knows.
The third is a beanie I'm working up for a friend of my hubby's. 
It's going pretty well. Nothing to complain about, besides my hubby going thru a zillolion annoying ringtones& now my phone battery is going low. 20% is more like -2%

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