Friday, November 29, 2013


Easy circle, can be used as a start on a hat, pot holder, coaster, exc.
Yarn used (for hat), I love this yarn(ilty)
Hook size: H
Chain 4, loop 2into first stitch, 4 into second, and 6 into third( or do magic circle).  Single crochet 2 in each stitch around.  Next row single crochet 1, 2xsc, round.
2,2xsc, 3,2xsc... Continue increasing until 10 single crochet, 2xsc round
You should have 62 stitches, give or take. 

If continuing to make a hat, single crochet in rounds til you get the length desired.
If stopping at 62 stitches, slst round, fasten off,and weave ends.

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