Monday, November 25, 2013

Crochet vs Knit

I had a friend of mine ask me what the difference between crochet and knit.
Here's what I've came up with.
1.a Crochet uses a single(1) hook
1.b Knit uses two(2) needles
2.a Crochet goes into the next stitch
2.b Knit loops around several times
3.a Crochet rows tend to go side by side
3.b Knit rows tend to go up and down
4.a Crochet connects the foundation chain to the first stitch
4.b Knit uses multiple double-sided needles and goes in a circle
5.a Crochet is almost strictly by hand
5.b Knit can be done by a machine
6.a Crochet pieces are thicker, with more give
6.b Knit pieces are thinner and can stretch less
7.a Crochet takes less time but uses slightly more yarn
7.b Knit uses more time but a bit less yarn

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