Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ear flaps

There are several ways to make ear flaps for a hat.
One of the ways that I do it is:
Once you get hat the length you want( just below top of ears)
Single crochet across 7-11 stitches
(7-baby, 9- child, 11-adult)
I will use 11 stitches.
Chain 1, flip, chain 11, flip, chain 1, skip into 2nd stitch( so as to not increase or decrease), do this for 4-7 rows or until desired length.
Single crochet down the side( to finish where you left off)..... Sc round til you get to where the other ear is.( or halfway)
Sc 11, flip, chain1, skip 1...
Repeat til the rows match other side.
Slst & finish off.
I like to do a nice finishing round. But that's up to you.

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