Friday, November 22, 2013

For me by me

A yarnie friend of mine gave me some gas money for taking her to a big box store... I won't say the name, but if you've seen my profile page on Fcbk you know which one I'm talking about...
There I was with my Lele bug in the basket.... Oh, goodness he still thinks he can fit in a basket. He's 7! Almost 8. Good thing he's skinny.
Anyways, I get to HL!! My favorite craft store... Ooooh laaaa they are having a sale on ILTY goodness me.  I look at all the pretties... I've got this one, this is pretty, blah, bland, then I see it!!!!!!

The mother load!!! This wonderful amazing beautiful yarn that's calling my name" ANDRIA".... Come and make something with me..... 
I snatch it up like it's my precious. 
Oooh.... Must get more today.
So far I have made 10 ornament covers, a lovely little stocking for myself and half a slouch beanie for myself.


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