Friday, November 22, 2013

From last nights rain

So my hubby is outside in the rain, filling up my car with gas.  Reminds me of last night when I washed some of my acrylic yarn that my favorite Aunti bought for me.  I started the night off thinking that it was such a great idea.  I'm going to wash this yarn and magically it's going to smell tons better and not have a single unraveling.  Oh, the humility I faced as I looked in the washer and not only saw my perfect little skeins all tangled, but they smelled still and what's worse?? They were out if the pillow case is so carefully prepared and secured with a hair tie. Ugh! 
I was discouraged that my perfect plan had came unravelled, literally. 
So here I am listening to my hubby yell at someone not stopping at a light and I'm thinking of yarn.  My mind wonders, so, like rain washing a dirty car, I unraveled my lovely little skeins of yarn, wrapped them up the best I could, gently untangling them as I separated the pink wool from the red acrylic.  Oh, you should have seen the brown.   I ended up re using the two pillowcases, separated the colors, and again attempted to securely tie them.
This time was like the foam on the car tires, you scrub and scrub trying to get them shiny.. I used a bit of fabric softener.  This should work, I thought to myself as I poured the lavender breeze into my washing machine.
Oh, the joys as the rinse cycle finished. I was very hopeful as I opened the lid, turning off the green finished light. 
They smelled wonderful.  My senses had a overload of pure lavender scent.I tossed my loves into the dryer and pressed the knob over to the most gentle cycle I had. 30 minutes should work.  Or so I thought.
I was naive...  So hopeful that they would be dry and fluffy and ready to be used. As I opened the pillow cases I reloaded that not only were they not dry inside, they had again unraveled. This was it, all my hard work was for nothing.
Well, I'm not one to let yarn defeat me so I put them back in the dryer twice more. 
The final result was satisfying.  Fully dry little tangled skeins of yarn. Waiting for me to pull,unravel, and roll back together.
Well, we made it home so off to my lovely yarn.


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