Friday, November 22, 2013

If heaven were a yarn store

This obviously is nothing compared to Heaven, but is like to think there will be at least some yarn bombed trees in front of my mansion. Pretty yarn all around.

There were 6 aisles   of yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.
My first trip ever to a actual yarn store.
   My husband surprised me with a trip to little rock.  It was such a lovely day.  We went to The Yarn Store, I was in awe! Such beauties.  There were silks, mohair, chenille, wool, and lots of acrylic blends.
 I only wish I had the means to pay $16/ a twist.  I got a $4.50 skein of wool/ acrylic... That was more reasonable to me.   I made myself a sock from the yarn.

I've yet to make the mate, perhaps today if I get to it.

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