Saturday, November 2, 2013

kippah/ yarmulke pattern

Hanukkah is just around the corner,  everyone needs a good kippah/ yarmulke.  This pattern is super easy to whip up and can be used with various types of yarn to achieve the look you desire.
For mine, I used a size G hook and I love this Yarn.

Multiples of 8, all Single Crochet
Start with a magic circle.  (chain 5, pull tight, join with first stitch,8 single crochet inside.)
*row 1* sc 2 stitches in each hole around (16)
*row 2* sc in first stitch, 2x sc in second stitch, cont. alternation around (24)
*row 3* sc 2 stitches, 2x sc in third, cont. around (32)
*row 4* sc 3 stitches, 2x sc in fourth, cont. around (40)
*row 5* sc 4 stitches, 2x sc in fifth, cont. around (48)
*row 6* sc 5 stitches, 2x sc in sixth, cont. around (56)
Circle will start to curl
*row 7*Join in 2nd color, sc around with 1st color flat on top (crochet around 1st color) (56)
*row 8*Switch to 1st color, sc around ( with 2nd color flat) (56)
*row 9* Switch to 2nd color, sc around ( with 1st color flat)(56)
Seams should line up when you switch colors.  If not, no worries.
Cut & Tie 2nd color, only 1st color remains
*row 10* sc around (56)
*row 11* sc around (56)
*row 12* sc around (56)
*row 13* Slip Stitch around, Tie off.

Variations:  If you wish to add a 3rd color,  row 8 would be 3rd color, row 9 would be 2nd color, row 10 would be 1st color.

If only one color is desired, simply continue without switching colors.

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