Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Morning Yarn

Good morning everyone,
                            Here I am, getting a reminder to blog from my yarnie friend.  I seriously doubt anyone wants to read about my ravioli breakfast...

I have been working on this cute little owl lovie for a friend, that's kept me rather busy lately.
So far I have done a magic circle (6) increase around for the body, decreased to every 5th.  then increase again for the head.
I am rather horrible to forget to write down my patterns.  I have taken photos though and will try to post them here.

Today has already been hectic and I have yet to pick up my hook and yarn... I will attempt to finish at least the eyes of the owl today.
I have been working on a blanket for my mom as well, so reluctantly I will have to do a few rows on that also.

Happy hook day,

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