Friday, November 29, 2013


Good morning everyone.  I hope that y'all had a happy thanksgiving and first night of Hanukkah.  My boys are with my mom this weekend so it's just my husband and I.  He will most likely be playing video games when he gets home from work tonight, I will be crocheting on something, I'm sure.
The cold weather this morning has me thinking about my order of headbands I need to finish for a friend.  So far I have only made one.  I have two more headbands to go and another hat.  She like nature surroundings so I am trying my best to go with a nature theme, doing neat stitch patterns. Hmmm maybe I could cross stitch a flower or something. 
Cross stitching is fairly easy.
Take a fairly long strand of yarn, Thread your needle with it, make sure you have all of the yarn through.  Tie the end.
Go thru your crocheted project, down across, thru the back... Up the opposite side, down across.  This will look like a (X). Keep repeating until you get the pattern you want.   Tie off by making a loop thru the last stitch. 
Now, you can use more than one color if you want to fill it in. There are great videos out there if you need more help.
Lovely morning but this migraine is calling me back to sleep a few more hours. Ah, the joys of sleeping in.  I sure do miss my children. Maybe I'll crochet something for them while they are gone.

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