Monday, November 25, 2013


I've been helping my boys organize their room all day. I have a few more ideas I want to try. One of which is sick bags. I originally got the idea after I made a hippy dam hat that a client didn't want. I was upset so tied a braided band on the sides and used it to hang up stuff with. 
I was cleaning out hubby's drawers& stuffed socks it it and viola! Genius.  The second was a leftover Easter bag I made for my oldest... Anyways it's a long hat.
This time I'm thinking
Magic circle
Increase to 9sc, 2xsc...
Then about 15 rows around.
Add braids to sides & tie.
The other storage idea I made was a car seat cover that kept slipping, repurposed for a stuffed animal(Scentsy buddy) holder.

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