Thursday, November 21, 2013

This technology stuff is making me upset.

So, I have been posting like crazy, thinking its on my blog.  Come to find out its not on here.
Apparently  I  have been posting on my google plus account, instead of my blog.
Let's just say I am rather upset right now.

So after tossing my computer down and placing my phone beside it I went to sleep. Gosh I was so frustrated... Luckily I had a great dream and this morning I found the APP!!!! Yay! Go me. 
Sometimes I feel so inadequate.  Like ya know.... Really dense. Ha! I'm not, I have to remember that I may not have a degree, but I went to college.  I actually did pretty decent.   I found my phone plugged into the charger this morning. My wonderful husband did this.  I am so very blessed to have him.  I would not have to patience for daily things, he has taken away most of my stress, I'm working on the anxiety part. 
Hmmm, reminds me of all the lovely tangled up yarn.  It's been beaten, torn apart, strung out... And somehow mashed together again to make a beautiful skein.
I think I'll surprise my hubby and take him for some cappuccino before work.  
Now that I've figured this out, I will be posting a lot more and hopefully start to get paid!!!!
Yay!!! More yarn!!

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