Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey stripes

Hubby is in the kitchen cooking the turkey, I'm in the bedroom with my pretty yarn.  I'm working on his Bengal tiger. I think I've got the pattern alright.  That is, if I can get the head round enough.  Luckily for me that my husband is wonderful and doesn't bother caring about little non sense like that.  I know he will love it because it is from me. 
Once I finish the little tiger, and I mean little... Like half my hand, but not teeny tiny, I've got to make a Packers green& gold hoodie for the little guy!  We are huge Packers fans at our house.  In fact, we will be watching the game tonight!! I sure hope we win.
Anyways, there are several ways to join colors, switch, exc.
The way I am doing is the easiest for small projects.  Tie in the second color, the first stitch is with BOTH colors, flip the first color to the front, continue around with the second color, next row (in second color) flip first color to the back.  Keep flipping front then back when you circle round.  Switching back to the first color is easy, loop thru (yarn over) with second color(1 loop), then finish stitch with first color, laying second color in front.  Repeat around til second color is not needed, tie off one stitch down.

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