Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy new year!!! May this year be the best year yet.  I have dreams I would like to see happen this year instead of resolutions.  The first is to be a better mother and wife.  God comes first, of course, without God I would be hopeless.  I am so thankful that God has brought my family together.  My dream this year is to have another member added to my family.  I would love to be able to become pregnant and have another child.   I pray that my fertility be restored.
My second is forgiveness.  By Gods grace and mercy he has given us his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.  He has wiped our slate clean. God has forgiven us of our sins that we have repented of. We are saved by his grace, if we accept his son into our hearts.  I dream of the day I am able to forget the ones who have sinned against me and accept that I have truly forgave them.  It is much more than just a word.  It is easy to say that you have forgave a person.  It is much harder to forget the wrong they have done you.
I am leaving the past in the past. 
Thirdly... I want to yarn bomb something, anything... Maybe the brick piller on my porch.  That'd be great. Hmmm cotton yarn I am sure?? Must think of that tomorrow.  Right now it is time for sleep.
Happy New Year!!

Trademark, copyright,& other legal mombo jumbo

I, Andria Carlene West, owner and founder of Blue Monkey Crochet and Pink Panda Crochet,  am in no way, shape, or form, attempting to copyright or illegally reproduce ANY products already owned by another company.
I only get inspiration from said companies and create a product from that inspiration.
My minions, monkeys, fox, kitty, princess, flappy, and other named characters are only named such for recognition  only.

Only patterns I originally created( moms Christmas blanket) without any inspiration are mine and mine alone.  All of my work is however, made by myself.

Thank you,

Child's purple crazy hat

Child's purple crazy hat

I love this yarn in purple/blue, white, & grey
RHSS in yellow & black
Size 5.50 hook 
Chain 3, slip into second stitch
6 single crochet into middle: 6
Row 1: 2xsc in each stitch round: 12
Row 2:single crochet 1, 2xsc in next: 18
Row 3: single crochet 2, 2xsc in next: 24
Row 4: single crochet 3, 2xsc in next: 30
Row 5-12: single crochet 30 round:30
Row 12: join 2nd color during 1st stitch, single crochet 30 round: 30
Rows 13&14: single crochet round: 30
Row 15: tie off 2nd color, flip back to first color single crochet round: 30
Rows 16&17single crochet round: 30
Row 18: with 3rd color slip stitch/ finish stitch round: 30
Tie all ends, weave end

Eye. Hook size 4.75/5.00
1st color chain 3, slip into 2nd stitch chain 6 into circle :6
Row 1: 2xsc in each stitch: 6
Row 2:single crochet 1, 2xsc in next: 18
2nd color
Row 3: single crochet 2, 2xsc in next: 24
3rd color
Row 4: single crochet 3, 2xsc in next: 30
3rd color
Row 5: single crochet 4, 2xsc in next: 36
Row 6: slip stitch round : 36
Add a eyelid if desired by FPsc round 1/3 of the eye, single crochet 5 rows.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Purple crazy hat

I love this yarn in purple/blue, white, & grey
RHSS in yellow & black
Size 6.00 
Chain 3, slip into second stitch
6 single crochet into middle: 6
Row 1: 2xsc in each stitch round: 12
Row 2:single crochet 1, 2xsc in next: 18
Row 3: single crochet 2, 2xsc in next: 24
Row 4: single crochet 3, 2xsc in next: 30
Row 5: single crochet 4, 2xsc in next: 36
Row 6-13: single crochet 36 round: 36
Row 14: join 2nd color during 1st stitch, single crochet 36 round: 36
Rows 16&17: single crochet round: 36
Row 18: tie off 2nd color, flip back to first color single crochet round: 36
Rows 19&20 single crochet round: 36
Row 21: with 3rd color slip stitch/ finish stitch round: 36
Tie all ends, weave end

Eye. Hook size 6.00
1st color chain 3, slip into 2nd stitch chain 6 into circle :6
Row 1: 2xsc in each stitch: 6
Row 2:single crochet 1, 2xsc in next: 18
2nd color
Row 3: single crochet 2, 2xsc in next: 24
3rd color
Row 4: single crochet 3, 2xsc in next: 30
3rd color
Row 5: single crochet 4, 2xsc in next: 36
Row 6: slip stitch round : 36
Add a eyelid if desired by FPsc round 1/3 of the eye, single crochet 5 rows.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cyclops hat

Red heart super saver Yarn: bright yellow, blueish purple, black, white, & grey
Size 6.5m Hook
Chain 3, slip into second stitch
6 single crochet into middle: 6
Row 1: 2xsc in each stitch round: 12
Row 2:single crochet 1, 2xsc in next: 18
Row 3: single crochet 2, 2xsc in next: 24
Row 4: single crochet 3, 2xsc in next: 30
Row 5: single crochet 4, 2xsc in next: 36
Row 6: single crochet 5, 2xsc in next:42
Rows 7-13: single crochet 42 round: 42
Row 14: join 2nd color during 1st stitch, single crochet 42 round: 42
Rows 16&17: single crochet round: 42
Row 18: tie off 2nd color, flip back to first color single crochet round: 42
Rows 19&20 single crochet round: 42
Row 21: with 3rd color slip stitch/ finish stitch round: 42
Tie all ends, weave end

Eye. Hook size 6.00
1st color chain 3, slip into 2nd stitch chain 6 into circle :6
Row 1: 2xsc in each stitch: 6
Row 2:single crochet 1, 2xsc in next: 18
2nd color
Row 3: single crochet 2, 2xsc in next: 24
Row 4: single crochet 3, 2xsc in next: 30
3rd color
Row 5: single crochet 4, 2xsc in next: 36
Row 6: slip stitch round : 36


Oy vei

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday.  The family went to my moms for Christmas.  Mom loved her blanket I made, gosh I forgot to take a photo, but here's one of my youngest in his pirate cape!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Simple scarf

Lion Brand thick & quick or chunky Yarn
Size n Hook

Chain 77, slip into 3rd from last 
Row 1-2 single crochet 77
Row 3-4 half double crochet 77
Row 5-6 single crochet 77
Row 7, slip stitch/ finishing stitch & weave ends.


Scarfs💕💕for pink panda

Today I am making some scarfs from my previous patterns for a mom and 2 kids that lost their home in a fire.  I've already packed some hats to give them, but with our weather, it might get cold anyday.  I'm so happy that I can do something to give back to this family.  I've packed up a few boxes and backpacks, but this is what I'm taking joy in.  I hope it brings a smile to their face that they get a homemade gift. A gift from the heart.  May God bless this momma as she recovers and bless her children.  I pray they are surrounded with comfort and love.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Child's belt ages 7-9

This would be a cute little addition to a dress or a pair of trousers. 
I love this yarn
Size f hook
Chain 95, loop into 3 rd stitch from end.
Row 1-3: chain 2, slip in, pull 1, slip in, pull 1, slip in, pull 2
Row 4 slip stitch finish& tie ends. 88 stitches.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas from my home to yours.
May you all have a blessed day, full bellies, and lots of laughter.  God bless everyone. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lele bugs' surprise

I love this yarn: 3-4 skeins
1 skein being multicolor
Size H hook
Single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet. 
*NOT exact pattern, this one is made with a lot of variety, to use your own style*

Work the multicolor (a)in a circle, doing single crochet for a while til you get the width of the back of the head. (Mine is 17rows, starting with the beginning)
Switch to color b,single crochet almost a circle( leaving around 20-25 stitches)
About 1/4 of the circle, switch sides and single crochet back.( May throw in a row or two of half double crochet)
Continue til you have a hood. Mine is roughly 10 rows color b, 5 rows color c
Finish off the last 2 rows with a pretty stitch. 
Go back with color b, join in at the ends. Work corner to corner( over original circle).
Keep going til the length you like, mine is roughly 15 rows.
Switch to color d, chain 20-30( depending on how loose you want it to be around the neck. Keep single crochet/ half double crochet for 5 rows.
Switch to color c, do another 5 rows, placing 3 stitches into corners.
Switch to color b, 5 more rows
Continue until length desired. Finish with same pretty stitch as hood.
The red& blue swirl: color a
The blue: color b
The green: color c
Red, not shown( same as swirl): color d
Again, this is just a rough pattern I'm making for my son, it is a work in progress, yours may not be exact. As no two crochet works should be exact.


It depends

I've been toying with the idea of making my son a hooded poncho type thingy.  So I finally get the pattern I like and I am really excited.v I ask him what his favorite color is.  His answer?  " it depends"  It depends on what exactly?  Well, he goes on to explain that depending on what the object is, he likes different colors.  His very very favorite is red.  He likes blue too and then green.  Green. Green, are you kidding me?  Where did that come from?  Okay my child has never told me he likes green.  So far I had been doing this poncho thing in red and blue striped yarn. I was going to finish with blue, which I thought was his favorite favorite, but that's just his favorite.  It's a good thing, no, scratch that... It's a great awesome thing that when my husband and I bought the yarn for this perticicular project, we also bought green. Ha!!! The green was for a totally different project, which I have since almost given up on.( not quite). So here goes, I am adding green.  All my senses tell me not too, but I'm doing it anyways.  Now, back to work. Tomorrow is Christmas and this is the last thing on my list. 


Monday, December 23, 2013


My Christmas gifts are finished, all but the hoodie I am attempting to make my son. I worked so hard on it last night that I actually dreamed about it.  I can't work while my hubby is at work, I have to watch both my boys.  For right now I am making a pink flappy for my winner. She likes pink critters so it is a great chance for me to test my skills. As my mom told me earlier, I've know how to crochet for 20years, but I haven't been crocheting for 20years. There is a big difference. I'm still learning.  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My socks

Yesterday we opened up a few Christmas presents and my son was delighted in finding his socks I crocheted for him.  At first he had a bit of trouble keeping them on because they were a bit big, but I fixed that by tying a piece of yarn around them. Fixed that right up. He wore his socks all night long and for most of today, in fact, last I saw he had them on. I'm glad he likes them.  They sure were a pain to figure out.  I sure do love that smile.


My new branch is called pink panda.  It is dedicated to my boys, Thane and Leland.  Without them, my heart would be empty.  I want to give to other children the best I can.  25%-50% of the profits of certain marked products will be donated to a children's charity, such as ACH. 
I'm still in the process of coming up with new ideas and more ways to help. If you have a idea, email me :pinkpanda@yahoo.com

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Polymer clay handles

A while back I ordered a crochet hook that had a polymer clay handle.  The lady was suppose to make it in pink and purple with polka dots.  When I received it in the mail, it was nothing like I had imagined.  It was the Wrong colors, the wrong size handle, at least the hook was the right one.
The next week I was at the big box store and found a package of polymer clay. I read on the back and it seemed easy enough.  For the price of having another person make 1, I could make 10 of my own.  I already have the hooks, so why not? 
Last night I bought more clay, this time my boys helped me make them.  
Now for the baking.

Friday, December 20, 2013




My new branch is called pink panda.  It is dedicated to my boys, Thane and Leland.  Without them, my heart would be empty.  I want to give to other children the best I can.  25%-50% of the profits of certain marked products will be donated to a children's charity, such as ACH. 
I'm still in the process of coming up with new ideas and more ways to help. If you have a idea, email me :pinkpanda@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crazy 8 beanie

Red heart super saver yarn
Size H hook
Chain 4, slip into 2nd chain
single crochet 8 into circle
Half double crochet 2 into each stitch round
Half double 1, 2xhdc round
Hdc2, 2xhdc round
Hdc3, 2xhdc round
Hdc4, 2xhdc round
Hdc5, 2xhdc round
Slip into next stitch, double crochet round
Hdc round 5 rows
DOuble crochet round 
Hdc round 5 rows
Continue alternating til length desired.
Finish stitch
Cut, tie, and weave ends in.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spiral scarf

Red Heart Super Saver yarn
2 skeins
Size P hook
Using both colors, chain length you want, or roughly long enough to wrap around twice. 3xdc in each stitch. Finish with slip stitch. Weave ends in.

Pink Pandas

Baby pandas, like little humans are so fragile.  I created a new branch( line) of products dedicated to children's charity. It is called Pink Panda. 25-50% of profits will go to children's charities of my choice.  Right now, my favorite is Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.  They are a big part of the reason I am able to hear.  They have done wonderful work for me.  It is time I give back.  

Monday, December 16, 2013

Flower double

I love this yarn
Size H hook

Chain 3, loop into 1st stitch, sc 6-8 inside circle. 
Front loops only- sc1, chain 3, sc1, cont.
Flip to back of circle
Back loops only- sc1, chain3, sc1, cont. 
Single crochet thru both loops round. 

Front loops/ back loops

Each stitch is made up of two strands of yarn in single crochet. 
Front loops only simply means to loop into the front strand of yarn only.
Back loops only means that you use the strand of yarn in the back.
It is a really simple way to make designs into your work. 
Below is both front and back loops only.

Simple beanie

Simple beanie:
1 skein red heart super saver
Size H hook
Beanies have a lot of personality. They can be customized however you or the recipicant wants.  There are some basics when you are crocheting a beanie.
The first is to count your beginning stitches.  For me, I always do one of the two circles. That is the easiest way to begin, starting with the number six. Each row is simply a multiple of six.
6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48,... And so on.
For this one, I'm doing the chain 2, loop into first stitch, six single crochet into stitch.=6
2xsc round= 12
1sc, 2xsc=18
2sc, 2xsc=24
3sc, 2xsc= 30
For a kids hat 36 stitches.
 For a woman's hat 48 stitches
So, it would be. 48/6=8
6 single crochet, 2xsc in next: (6+2=8)
Basic mathematics is all you need to remember.
Photo shows after 48 stitches round.
Continue round 48 single crochet til you have length desired.

For better or worse

My husband Paul is the most wonderful man.  I am thankful God brought us together.  I'm in the bathroom throwing up and I call him, he comes in all sleep zombie and brings me a ponytail holder and a cup of tea.  He said he wanted to stay in here with me until I was better.  Now that is love.  Not the mushy, I love you because it's convent for me or I have no one else, that is honest, true, I love through everything, if all your hair falls out and you gain 50 pounds love. 
He has seen me thru a lot the last 3 years, since we have been married. 3 years, it seems like just yesterday we met, but also like we have been together this whole time.  He is what was missing from mine and my boys' lives. He's the perfect fit, what makes our family whole.  He is not just a dad to my boys,he has taken the responsibility.  He has done the nitty gritty work, not just the fun" dad" work.  My husband is everything. He provides, he protects, and he tells us and shows us his love.
If he were a yarn, he would be the most awesome yarn ever.  I can't even compare him to a skein of yarn.  He's tougher than cotton, more durable than acrylic,  tough like wool and soft like cashmere.  He is amazingly wonderful. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Teacher scarfs

This is the finished scarf I made for my 3rd graders teacher. The pattern is listen. The white is Bernet pipsqueak, single crochet around.
This one is for my 2nd graders teacher.  All single crochet using 2 strands ILTY( I love this yarn) and a P-16 hook.
The sides are white pipsqueak and the bottoms are sitting pretty pipsqueak. 


I thought family was suppose to stick together thru thick and thin.  Be there for each other no matter what.  Well, here is a shocker for you.. My own father disowned me three years ago after I got into a heated argument with his wife.  My mother even called the old bee up and chewed her out for saying aweful things to me.  I haven't heard from him since then.  A few minutes ago my mom called me trying to get ahold of him.  My uncle, his  oldest brother died.  I told her I haven't a clue where he is.  
I'm better off just having my own family, my mom, and my little brother to worry about.  I still love my oldest brother but I never see him.  He doesn't make a effort, didn't even appreciate me coming to his last wedding.  My sister lives a few states away.  We aren't close, and my other brother died when I was eleven.
I've got my husband, my boys, my mom, and my little brother. That's more than enough family for me.
Reminds me if the scarfs I made yesterday. I used two skeins at a time to make them up quick.. Goes to show though, I doesn't matter how many times you join the colors, they are all different.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Simple scarf

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Simple scarf:
I Love This Yarn or 
Red Heart with love
2  different color skeins
P hook
H hook:

With P hook Chain both colors together until it is long enough to wrap around twice ( roughly 90-120 stitches)
Single Crochet 5 -7rows ( thickness you like)
Single crochet 3 stitches, 3xsc in 4th, continue all way around.
Slip stitch/ finishing stitch all way around with size H hook 
Tie& weave ends

Friday, December 13, 2013

My new combo row stitch

Red heart super saver
Size 3.75 hook
I have been playing around with a new stitch, and by new, I mean, new to me. I'm certain some other crochet genius came up with this long before I did, but this is the first I have heard of it.
Chain 35 
Next-single crochet 35
Next- single crochet 7, in next stitch single crochet 3(3xsc), single crochet 3, next stitch 3xsc... 9 single crochet
Next- single crochet 9, back post single crochet (BPsc see previous post) 1 stitch, single crochet in next, skip 1 stitch, BPsc 1, sc1, skip 1...single crochet 8
Next- single crochet 35
I continue in a pattern, until I get the desired length I want.

Front post

Front post is when you put the hook in the front stitch, instead of on top.  

Back post

Back post single crochet is simply placing your hook into the stitch from behind instead of on top. Push through front to back, loop around, pull thru fist, loop again, pull thru both.
It may feel strange at first but it's easy once you get the hang of it.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


My husband's cousin is going thru a hard time right now.  I wanted to do something special for her.  I was looking at the store and this pack of charms caught my eye.  I knew this was it.

I had crocheted some fishing wire, literally cut it of my fishing pole, slipped the charms on, along with some beads from a couple of broken bracelets and two buttons.  
Praying she and her husband find peace.


I still need to add buttons to the green and tan, but I am happy with the way they turned out.  I am still working on a pattern for the brown one, in hopes that it remains" straight", maybe I need to loosen up the starting row?

More headbands

Red heart super saver
Size 7.0 bamboo hook
Today I am finishing up a order with a lovely headband.
Chain 50( or enough to fit around head)
Row 1: Single crochet 50
Row 2: single crochet 7, half double crochet 8-43, single crochet 7(44-50)
Row 3: single crochet 7, 3x sc into 8th, single crochet 3, 3xsc into 12.. Cont. single crochet last 7 stitches.
Row 4: single crochet 7,single crochet, skip next stitch, back post single crochet next stitch, ...repeat, 7 single crochet
Row 5: Repeat row 2
Row 6: Repeat row 3
Row 7: Repeat row 
Row 8:  single crochet 7, half double crochet 8-43, single crochet 7(44-50)
Row 9: single crochet 50
Row 10: single crochet around all
Row 11: finishing stitch around all, tie securely& weave ends in.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Color Relationships

The color spectrum is also broken into relationships.
They include; 
Monochromatic-Shades or tints of the same color.  The differences are made by adding white or black to the color.
*Light blue, blue, dark blue*
Complimentary- Colors that are opposite, see previous post.
Split Complimentary-One color(hue) plus the two(2) colors on either side of that colors complimentary color.
Double Complimentary- Two colors on either side of Oppisite colors.
*redorange& redviolet
Analogus-See previous post
Triad- Three colors equal distance apart on the color wheel.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I'm posting this for the newbies.   
FPsc means front post single crochet
Instead of doing stitches where you go in the hole at the top, you go into the hole side to side.  I will try to post photos later.
BPsc means back post single crochet.
It also works the stitches side to side but goes through the back.
Front loops only means you put the hook through only the front loop( 1 strand instead of both). 
Back loops only means you put the hook through the back loop.
Again, will post photos later.

Ear warmer 2

Lion brand thick& quick yarn
Size M-13 hook
Headband/ earwarmer
Chain 45
3 rows single crochet
FPsc in front loops only
BPsc in back loops only
3rows single crochet
Slst/ finishing stitch all around. Tie, weave tail to other side & tie to beginning strand.   Add button or buttons to one side to close.

Monday, December 9, 2013


If you want to join in my giveaway, go to my page: www.facebook.com/bluemonkeycrochet 
Click on the What color am I?
Comment with your favorite color
Winner will be secected  randomly on December 16th at 9am central.
Thanks& good luck

Color3: Analogous

Past the Primary, Secondary, Complementary, and the Tertiary colors is the color scheme.  These work best when you cant find the exact color yarn you want, the yarn has been discontinued, exc.

Color Schemes:
Green BlueGreen Blue BlueViolet Violet     /////////////////////////////////////
Yellow OrangeYellow Orange  RedOrange  ///////////////////////
Orange OrangeYellow Yellow YellowGreen Green  //////////////////////////
BlueViolet Violet RedViolet Red  ///////////////////////////

These colors also work well when you are doing circles or squares and want to stay in the same color family.

Color2: Tertiary and Complimentary

Once you have the basic Primary and Secondary colors down, next comes the fun part.. more mixing

Tertiary(mix of Primary&Secondary)
Blue+Green= BlueGreen

Complimentary Colors(Those opposite)


Color1:Primary and Secondary

I could not find my set of colored pencils to draw a actual color wheel so I am doing a color chart instead.  If I get a new set, I will post the wheel for you later.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors
Blue+ Yellow=Green
Blue + Red=Violet


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Then & now

I was curious to see just how big my moms blanket was... Here it is compared to the one I made for myself( mine is all double crochet).

BlueMonkeyCrochet Disclaimer

All of my Patterns posted on my Blog are Strictly Mine, unless otherwise noted.
I write down my patterns as I go and often make changes as I see fit.  If you choose to use one of my patterns from my Blog or my Facebook Page, please do not sell it as your own design.
You may refer my patterns to other people as you see fit, but keep them informed on where you've gotten them.
Thank you, if you have any questions are comments, feel free to email me.

Appliqué: part 3

Once you have made your applique, you need to find a way to attach it to the project.  For small objects such as a flower, you may choose to sew a button on first, then slip the flower over the button.
For bigger appliqués, I find it best to sew it on.  It is best to use the same color that is in your applique for the thread part( it's yarn).  Next choose the needle that is right for you.  Small or really loose works, a plastic is best. For big or tight projects, I use a metal needle.
Make sure you have enough yarn( thread) to go around the applique twice.
You can double it up if you choose, but I prefer working with only one strand.
Thread the needle.  Place the needle into the first stitch. Leave a tail
Push it through both sets of yarn, reach around the back, push the needle back up through the next stitch. Continue all the way around until the applique is secure.  
Tie the end to the tail of the beginning and secure tight. Weave both ends 

Appliqué: part 1&2

Finding the right applique is as hard as deciding which pattern to use.  
First off you need to think about your stitches. If you have done your project in single crochet, it makes sense to do your applique in the same stitch so it looks like it blends in.  If your tension was tight, your applique should be the same.
Next thing to consider is color.
I will post a color wheel later
You need to work either in the same color family or opposites.  ( of your project) Unless the receiver has requested a certain color combination.
The last thing I think about is who the project is for.   Ideally you would not use bright pinks for a man, but some men would find it hilarious, accept the color, or even enjoy it.  You need to think about what colors the person enjoys, make it fun, but practical.  A purple frog might be cute for a baby, but a adult may prefer a green or brown one.
If all else fails, you can ask the recipicant.

Start of my moms blanket

I used my own pattern when it came to making my mom's Christmas blanket.

I used a lot of destash yarn for this project.  Mostly full skeins I didn't have a idea for, they were all fairly new. The others, the red, burgundy, some pinks, and the border I bought just for this blanket.

All Yarn is Red Heart Super Saver

I took my colors, laid them out the order I wanted, and began rolling the first into a ball.  When that skein ended, I tied another color... 

The last few colors I pulled straight from the skeins.


First off I started with a circle. 

Circle( see previous post)

When ready to make it square you do 3xsc in 4 corner.

I did 2 rows sc, 2 rows dc.. Making sure to place 3 stitches into the corner. 

( last stitch, chain 1. Sc or dc 3 into next stitch. Continue sc or dc round)

Last group( stripes)... I did hdc & worked 4 colors

Row1, first, opposite end, add 2nd color- row3

Row 4, add 3rd color on 1 side( not used)

Row5, add 4th color

Then went around with colors til 7 rows on each side, cutting one color at a time.

Then I added the border

( previous posts)

This is my very own design.  Only my design.  If you choose to copy it, please refer people back to my work. BlueMonkeyCrochet is the OWNER of this design.  Thank you


Can you crochet your hair mom?

My 7 yr old was jumping around on my bed while I was trying to crochet the rest of my hat.
He looks at me and asks" can you crochet your own hair mom?"
Sure, why not.  I enjoy a good challenge.
First with a h hook. Not really productive. Let's try again... Yay! I did it. Lol

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Moms blanket

This is how my momma's Christmas blanket looks so far. I am thinking of adding some applique to it. First I have to finish up the border so there aren't any "gaps" in it. I am doing 3 stitches then the middle of row of 3, repeat so it's flush.
Then I will finish with my slip stitch special.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Wool/acrylic blend yarn
Size I/J hook
I finally finished a pair of socks!!!! I must have tried dozens of (my own) patterns. Here is what I came up with.
Chain 25, join in first.  5 rows single crochet. Reverse 10 stitches. Reverse... 5 rows ( heel).
Circle around 5 single crochet rows.
Next 2 rows, on corners of heel, join 2single CROCHETS into one stitch.
This is done by putting hook thru stitch,yarning over, putting hook thru second stitch, yarning over, pulling both stitches thru!
5 more single crochet rows.
Last row with your finishing stitch( IE slst)
Weave ends
Return to beginning
Tie knot joining to your beginning tail.
Single crochet 5 rows
decrease next 5( sc 5, skip 1... Sc 4, skip 1... Sc3, skip 1... Sc2, skip 1, sc1,slst1)
Finish off with secure knot. Weave ends!

This make crew socks for a 8-10 yr/ boy
Or woman with size 7/8 shoe.


Okay... So I just posted about the replacement yarn.  Oh, too funny, I just received a email saying that the original package just arrive in Conway. Goodness gracious.  Two week vacation in California. I sure hope it had a good time.
So now I'm really excited! Being snuggled up with my boys and lovely yarn!!! Hurry up post man. 

Kindness and ice

Lovely weather.
A few weeks ago I joined a online yarn swap/sell/trade.  I replied to a post asking for cotton yarn, in exchange I got some lovely yarn. We decided to make another trade, my I love this yarn for her wool.  She received hers in a couple of days, but, mine still hasn't came in. The delivery date was the 19th.   She messaged me saying she was going to send a replacement box, how lovely. I received it in days!! I think the other box got lost in transit.  Maybe it decided to take a holiday vacation. Ha! Like yarn can have a imagination.  This morning my family woke up around 4:30 am. I said goodbye to my husband, who was waiting in a ride to work, and took the kids to get groceries.  I'm thankful the roads were not bad. There were hardly any drivers out.  Snow and ice really changes the way people act around here.  The temperatures just dropped last night.

It is lovely weather, ha!! 32• with freezing rain.  People here think there is a ice apocalypse everytime it gets cold. We got to the grocery store and all the bread and most of the frizen pizza, the water.. Gone! People panic. Thank goodness I didn't go out last night.  I couldn't because I didn't get paid this week, I had to wait on hubby's check.  So glad to have groceries, and toilet paper.
I think I'll take a nap. If I can convince the boys to take one too. Then for some crochet.  I'm finishing up my moms blanket TODAY! 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ear warmer/ neck scarf

Lion brand chunky yarn
Size N-15 hook
The other day I noticed my sons' bus driver wearing a thick headband.  Today it was really cold so I decided to make her a ear warmer that could double as a headband or a chunky neck scarf.
Chain roughly 35-40 ( depends how big around your head is.)
Single crochet til you have the width you like. About 7 rows. The last row, slst round. Finish and weave ends. Add cute buttons.

Scarf/ ear warmer

This is a cute ear warmer I made for my sons' bus driver.  I used lion brand chunky yarn with a n15 hook. It is all single crochet. Roughly 35-40 stitches, big enough to fit around your head. I single crocheted about 7 rows. Did the finishing stitch around, weaved in the ends.  I also attached 2 small heat buttons that can be adjustable on placement.  The best thing about this is it can double as a chunky neck scarf. 

Wiggle wiggle

Ha!!! So I have been doing the wiggle stitch for years. Just goes to show that I do my own thing. You can find the tutorial on moogly.  I am happy to know that being a original does have it's perks.  People don't really understand why I choose not to follow patterns. My reason is because I want each and every one of my creations to be a unique work of art.  After all, no two humans are alike, why should my work be the same?  
The blanket I am making for my mom was almost finished.  I was almost half way on my finishing stitch when it dawned on me that my mother likes a wide border. So I fogged the two sides, worked a few stitches half a dozen times and came up with the next(3rd) row of the border. Do the 3xsc in corner, chain 3, skip 2, 3xsc in next. Continue round. 
I may possibly do another row. I need to buy at least one more skein when my check comes in. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My own stitches

I understand that most stitches already have names. That is great, but I personally like to come up with my own stitches. So this, even though I'm sure it's not first ever, is original to me.
First row of border;
My own design( in my head).
Corner 3x, sc1, 3xsc, ch2, skip 1, sc1, 3xsc, ch2,skip1,repeat
Corner: sc, sc, ch1, 3xsc, sc,sc..
Second row if my border: love it, yes... My own idea! Geez 
It's a simple 3 in corner, sc2, ch2, sk2, sc2... Repeat
No, I don't know the stitch names, I figure it out as I go, if I like it I write it down. If not, I fog it!


Well I finally buckled down and finished the main part of my momma's blanket. Gosh the thing is big.  
Excuse the mess, I had to throw things around to lay it out. This is on my queen size. It isn't exactly square right now. I have to finish stretching it.  I'm certain my mom will love it.  She understands how much work I have put into it.  All that is left if for me to do the border( variegated yarn similar to the 2nd color).  I'm thinking of also adding some flowers.  I'm not sure yet.


I managed to get about 5 hours of sleep last night.  I had to wake up early so I could drop my husband off to catch his ride to work.  I tell you, 4:15 comes early for me.  Not my husband.  It will be 13 hours that we are apart, he is so wonderful for doing overtime.  Our anniversary is next week. I am so happy to have him be part of our family.  I'm still working on the Bengal I am making him. I have been so busy lately, I almost forgot... There is my head falling off again.  I am in zombie mode, so many projects.
My list isn't long, but time consuming. First things first. I've got to make the other headbands/ ear warmers and the hat for my swap friend.  Then I have to come up with at least one, possibly two secret Santa gifts.  Before Sunday I need to make some mini ornaments for the little kids at church. Luckily the boys can help, carrying 9 little gift bags with ornaments, a purse, and my bible was difficult. Thank God for my husband.
After those, I must finish my momma's blanket. I have 4 skeins to do and another 1/4 for the border. I have been putting her blanket off.  I'm so lazy when it comes to big projects.  Well, not lazy, procrastinate is more the word.  
Then.. If I have time, finish the boys' super hero mustache/ penguin capes.  I don't know what I'm doing there yet. 
Oh.. And hubby's Bengal.
Geez, who am I kidding.. That's a ton of crochet. I sure hope my wrist can handle it.  Should not have pulled that trash bin so hard yesterday.  Oh well. 
Time for more sleep, then get boys off to school. Housework, crochet, eat, more crochet, housework again. Sure hope I can get a nap in today.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Geez. It seems like I would forget my head if it was not attached to my body.  How am I suppose to have a career if I don't go to work everyday?  Lately I have been very preoccupied.  Let's see, today it was hanging Christmas lights.  I am still debating whether or not  to send out cards.  Then there is that one Jewish person.  He has been on my mind lately.  Perhaps he would like me to send him a Hanukkah card with a photo of his grand kids attached?  I'm still very upset with him.  How dare he say he disowns me?? 
Anyways... Christmas lights. I have been so occupied with other things around the house, that I finally found the extra box of blue light I bought and had the boys help me hang them outside.  It is very pretty outside. I love the icicle lights my husband brought me, he's very thoughtful.  I had mentioned something about me liking them last year while looking at decorations.  I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful husband.
I didn't get any crocheting done today.
The boys forgot to take the trash to the curb, as I was grabbing it I heard a noise come from my right wrist. Oh! The pain, that bin was very heavy, guess we used more trash this week or the lid was left open and filled with rain water. Either way, I had to wear my brace again today.
I think I'll do flowers tomorrow and finish those headbands.
With first color(A)
Chain 4, slip stitch into first, pull tight. Single crochet 6 into circle, join with first stitch.  2xsc around. Next row, chain 1, single crochet 1, chain 2, single crochet 1, chain 1,... Repeat round. 
Fasten off.
With second color(B)
FPsc round 12 st., row2. 
Single crochet 1, 2xsc in next stitch...
Weave ends 

Baby gifts

My husband's cousins keep getting pregnant.  It is almost like they don't know what causes it.  Right now there are at least three that are pregnant.  Like the semi nice person that I am, I have decided to make them something for their new little human.  The red and green is some verigated yarn that was hidden in my stash.  I used simple stitches( either single crochet or half doubles) and I did a basket weave pattern.  I used pipsqueak yarn by bernet to do the border.  
The cream is a simple single crochet hat to sc 10, 2xsc round. Then I turned my work, single crocheted to half sc3x in one loop. Then sc the other side, leaving about 7 stitches, turn again, 3xsc I middle of previous 3xsc, keep single crochet, turn.  Last round you slst or do finishing round. Whichever works for you. Fasten off, weave ends in. Finish by using pipsqueak as a border. For the inside, FPsc round to make half moon shape. Keep sc to ends, turn, ... ( not all way around). Finish of with slst.

Monday, December 2, 2013


I am part of a group of crocheters who buy/sell/trade yarn online.  A few weeks ago I began talking to someone in the group and we made a trade. Things went well, so we did another trade.  This time, she received her package from me within a few days. I should have received mine two weeks ago.  It's not that big of a deal.  Nothing too important, it is just yarn in a box.  To me, it's something different.  I know that she mailed the package, or rather, her husband did.  I trust her in that sense.  I know she didn't "jip" me.  My concern comes from why she would get hers in days, and I haven't gotten mine, weeks later??
I wonder if perhaps there was some freak accident causing my package to disappear.  Remember that movie, Cast Away... This was a different company.  Same concept though.  I wonder if maybe someone is holding it hostage somewhere.  If perhaps, in fantasy, my yarn wanted to go surfing in the ocean, or skiing down the slopes. Yeah, right. I am hoping that whoever is delivering the package is safe.  I am hoping to walk outside and find it by the door. 
Well, off to bed. 


Mornings like this one, where I am up before five o'clock am, I need some coffee, more so a caremal frappe.  Oh, those things are good but I often get brain freeze with them.  I try placing my tounge at the top of my mouth, as my husband suggested a few years back, but non such luck.  I keep getting the feeling that someone is taking a ice pick to my head... A frozen ice pick.  Yes, that was a pun.  I don't do that much.
Anyways, my husband is at work doing over time and I am at home starring at pipsqueak yarn by bernet.  It's really quite lovely yarn.  I am afraid that I hate it for regular projects.  I find it extremely difficult to see my stitches or even feel them. I used a h hook because I don't like using big hooks on baby projects.  It is so frustrating to have such lovely soft yarn and no easy way of working it up. 
It reminds me of the brain freeze I get.  It looks lovely, but once you've got it, you keep getting frozen. 


Good morning everyone.
I have a busy day yesterday and forgot to post.  My boys were at my moms house all weekend, she took them home with her after driving a hour to our house for Thanksgiving.  My husband and I missed the boys, but enjoyed the quiet time. We slept in yesterday.  Saturday night, I was so frustrated with a project I was doing for the boys, I gave up and went to sleep around 9pm, which is fairly early for me.  I woke up and came into the living room and said good morning honey. Do you need a shower before church?  I was surprised when he informed me that it was one o'clock in the morning. I had only slept a few hours. Well, gosh, I was wide awake and he was going to bed. I stayed up until roughly 3 o'clock.  I decided to frog almost all of my project. We slept in a bit that morning.
While on the way to church I thought to grab the ornaments I made the ladies. They all enjoyed them, in fact, if I have time today I need to make some for the ladies grand kids. 
I am working on baby gifts now.