Sunday, December 8, 2013

Appliqué: part 1&2

Finding the right applique is as hard as deciding which pattern to use.  
First off you need to think about your stitches. If you have done your project in single crochet, it makes sense to do your applique in the same stitch so it looks like it blends in.  If your tension was tight, your applique should be the same.
Next thing to consider is color.
I will post a color wheel later
You need to work either in the same color family or opposites.  ( of your project) Unless the receiver has requested a certain color combination.
The last thing I think about is who the project is for.   Ideally you would not use bright pinks for a man, but some men would find it hilarious, accept the color, or even enjoy it.  You need to think about what colors the person enjoys, make it fun, but practical.  A purple frog might be cute for a baby, but a adult may prefer a green or brown one.
If all else fails, you can ask the recipicant.

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