Sunday, December 8, 2013

Appliqué: part 3

Once you have made your applique, you need to find a way to attach it to the project.  For small objects such as a flower, you may choose to sew a button on first, then slip the flower over the button.
For bigger appliqués, I find it best to sew it on.  It is best to use the same color that is in your applique for the thread part( it's yarn).  Next choose the needle that is right for you.  Small or really loose works, a plastic is best. For big or tight projects, I use a metal needle.
Make sure you have enough yarn( thread) to go around the applique twice.
You can double it up if you choose, but I prefer working with only one strand.
Thread the needle.  Place the needle into the first stitch. Leave a tail
Push it through both sets of yarn, reach around the back, push the needle back up through the next stitch. Continue all the way around until the applique is secure.  
Tie the end to the tail of the beginning and secure tight. Weave both ends 

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