Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby gifts

My husband's cousins keep getting pregnant.  It is almost like they don't know what causes it.  Right now there are at least three that are pregnant.  Like the semi nice person that I am, I have decided to make them something for their new little human.  The red and green is some verigated yarn that was hidden in my stash.  I used simple stitches( either single crochet or half doubles) and I did a basket weave pattern.  I used pipsqueak yarn by bernet to do the border.  
The cream is a simple single crochet hat to sc 10, 2xsc round. Then I turned my work, single crocheted to half sc3x in one loop. Then sc the other side, leaving about 7 stitches, turn again, 3xsc I middle of previous 3xsc, keep single crochet, turn.  Last round you slst or do finishing round. Whichever works for you. Fasten off, weave ends in. Finish by using pipsqueak as a border. For the inside, FPsc round to make half moon shape. Keep sc to ends, turn, ... ( not all way around). Finish of with slst.

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