Monday, December 2, 2013


Mornings like this one, where I am up before five o'clock am, I need some coffee, more so a caremal frappe.  Oh, those things are good but I often get brain freeze with them.  I try placing my tounge at the top of my mouth, as my husband suggested a few years back, but non such luck.  I keep getting the feeling that someone is taking a ice pick to my head... A frozen ice pick.  Yes, that was a pun.  I don't do that much.
Anyways, my husband is at work doing over time and I am at home starring at pipsqueak yarn by bernet.  It's really quite lovely yarn.  I am afraid that I hate it for regular projects.  I find it extremely difficult to see my stitches or even feel them. I used a h hook because I don't like using big hooks on baby projects.  It is so frustrating to have such lovely soft yarn and no easy way of working it up. 
It reminds me of the brain freeze I get.  It looks lovely, but once you've got it, you keep getting frozen. 

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