Sunday, December 15, 2013


I thought family was suppose to stick together thru thick and thin.  Be there for each other no matter what.  Well, here is a shocker for you.. My own father disowned me three years ago after I got into a heated argument with his wife.  My mother even called the old bee up and chewed her out for saying aweful things to me.  I haven't heard from him since then.  A few minutes ago my mom called me trying to get ahold of him.  My uncle, his  oldest brother died.  I told her I haven't a clue where he is.  
I'm better off just having my own family, my mom, and my little brother to worry about.  I still love my oldest brother but I never see him.  He doesn't make a effort, didn't even appreciate me coming to his last wedding.  My sister lives a few states away.  We aren't close, and my other brother died when I was eleven.
I've got my husband, my boys, my mom, and my little brother. That's more than enough family for me.
Reminds me if the scarfs I made yesterday. I used two skeins at a time to make them up quick.. Goes to show though, I doesn't matter how many times you join the colors, they are all different.

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