Monday, December 16, 2013

For better or worse

My husband Paul is the most wonderful man.  I am thankful God brought us together.  I'm in the bathroom throwing up and I call him, he comes in all sleep zombie and brings me a ponytail holder and a cup of tea.  He said he wanted to stay in here with me until I was better.  Now that is love.  Not the mushy, I love you because it's convent for me or I have no one else, that is honest, true, I love through everything, if all your hair falls out and you gain 50 pounds love. 
He has seen me thru a lot the last 3 years, since we have been married. 3 years, it seems like just yesterday we met, but also like we have been together this whole time.  He is what was missing from mine and my boys' lives. He's the perfect fit, what makes our family whole.  He is not just a dad to my boys,he has taken the responsibility.  He has done the nitty gritty work, not just the fun" dad" work.  My husband is everything. He provides, he protects, and he tells us and shows us his love.
If he were a yarn, he would be the most awesome yarn ever.  I can't even compare him to a skein of yarn.  He's tougher than cotton, more durable than acrylic,  tough like wool and soft like cashmere.  He is amazingly wonderful. 

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