Friday, December 6, 2013

Kindness and ice

Lovely weather.
A few weeks ago I joined a online yarn swap/sell/trade.  I replied to a post asking for cotton yarn, in exchange I got some lovely yarn. We decided to make another trade, my I love this yarn for her wool.  She received hers in a couple of days, but, mine still hasn't came in. The delivery date was the 19th.   She messaged me saying she was going to send a replacement box, how lovely. I received it in days!! I think the other box got lost in transit.  Maybe it decided to take a holiday vacation. Ha! Like yarn can have a imagination.  This morning my family woke up around 4:30 am. I said goodbye to my husband, who was waiting in a ride to work, and took the kids to get groceries.  I'm thankful the roads were not bad. There were hardly any drivers out.  Snow and ice really changes the way people act around here.  The temperatures just dropped last night.

It is lovely weather, ha!! 32• with freezing rain.  People here think there is a ice apocalypse everytime it gets cold. We got to the grocery store and all the bread and most of the frizen pizza, the water.. Gone! People panic. Thank goodness I didn't go out last night.  I couldn't because I didn't get paid this week, I had to wait on hubby's check.  So glad to have groceries, and toilet paper.
I think I'll take a nap. If I can convince the boys to take one too. Then for some crochet.  I'm finishing up my moms blanket TODAY! 


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