Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lele bugs' surprise

I love this yarn: 3-4 skeins
1 skein being multicolor
Size H hook
Single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet. 
*NOT exact pattern, this one is made with a lot of variety, to use your own style*

Work the multicolor (a)in a circle, doing single crochet for a while til you get the width of the back of the head. (Mine is 17rows, starting with the beginning)
Switch to color b,single crochet almost a circle( leaving around 20-25 stitches)
About 1/4 of the circle, switch sides and single crochet back.( May throw in a row or two of half double crochet)
Continue til you have a hood. Mine is roughly 10 rows color b, 5 rows color c
Finish off the last 2 rows with a pretty stitch. 
Go back with color b, join in at the ends. Work corner to corner( over original circle).
Keep going til the length you like, mine is roughly 15 rows.
Switch to color d, chain 20-30( depending on how loose you want it to be around the neck. Keep single crochet/ half double crochet for 5 rows.
Switch to color c, do another 5 rows, placing 3 stitches into corners.
Switch to color b, 5 more rows
Continue until length desired. Finish with same pretty stitch as hood.
The red& blue swirl: color a
The blue: color b
The green: color c
Red, not shown( same as swirl): color d
Again, this is just a rough pattern I'm making for my son, it is a work in progress, yours may not be exact. As no two crochet works should be exact.


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