Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My own stitches

I understand that most stitches already have names. That is great, but I personally like to come up with my own stitches. So this, even though I'm sure it's not first ever, is original to me.
First row of border;
My own design( in my head).
Corner 3x, sc1, 3xsc, ch2, skip 1, sc1, 3xsc, ch2,skip1,repeat
Corner: sc, sc, ch1, 3xsc, sc,sc..
Second row if my border: love it, yes... My own idea! Geez 
It's a simple 3 in corner, sc2, ch2, sk2, sc2... Repeat
No, I don't know the stitch names, I figure it out as I go, if I like it I write it down. If not, I fog it!

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