Monday, December 2, 2013


I am part of a group of crocheters who buy/sell/trade yarn online.  A few weeks ago I began talking to someone in the group and we made a trade. Things went well, so we did another trade.  This time, she received her package from me within a few days. I should have received mine two weeks ago.  It's not that big of a deal.  Nothing too important, it is just yarn in a box.  To me, it's something different.  I know that she mailed the package, or rather, her husband did.  I trust her in that sense.  I know she didn't "jip" me.  My concern comes from why she would get hers in days, and I haven't gotten mine, weeks later??
I wonder if perhaps there was some freak accident causing my package to disappear.  Remember that movie, Cast Away... This was a different company.  Same concept though.  I wonder if maybe someone is holding it hostage somewhere.  If perhaps, in fantasy, my yarn wanted to go surfing in the ocean, or skiing down the slopes. Yeah, right. I am hoping that whoever is delivering the package is safe.  I am hoping to walk outside and find it by the door. 
Well, off to bed. 

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