Friday, December 6, 2013


Wool/acrylic blend yarn
Size I/J hook
I finally finished a pair of socks!!!! I must have tried dozens of (my own) patterns. Here is what I came up with.
Chain 25, join in first.  5 rows single crochet. Reverse 10 stitches. Reverse... 5 rows ( heel).
Circle around 5 single crochet rows.
Next 2 rows, on corners of heel, join 2single CROCHETS into one stitch.
This is done by putting hook thru stitch,yarning over, putting hook thru second stitch, yarning over, pulling both stitches thru!
5 more single crochet rows.
Last row with your finishing stitch( IE slst)
Weave ends
Return to beginning
Tie knot joining to your beginning tail.
Single crochet 5 rows
decrease next 5( sc 5, skip 1... Sc 4, skip 1... Sc3, skip 1... Sc2, skip 1, sc1,slst1)
Finish off with secure knot. Weave ends!

This make crew socks for a 8-10 yr/ boy
Or woman with size 7/8 shoe.

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