Sunday, December 8, 2013

Start of my moms blanket

I used my own pattern when it came to making my mom's Christmas blanket.

I used a lot of destash yarn for this project.  Mostly full skeins I didn't have a idea for, they were all fairly new. The others, the red, burgundy, some pinks, and the border I bought just for this blanket.

All Yarn is Red Heart Super Saver

I took my colors, laid them out the order I wanted, and began rolling the first into a ball.  When that skein ended, I tied another color... 

The last few colors I pulled straight from the skeins.


First off I started with a circle. 

Circle( see previous post)

When ready to make it square you do 3xsc in 4 corner.

I did 2 rows sc, 2 rows dc.. Making sure to place 3 stitches into the corner. 

( last stitch, chain 1. Sc or dc 3 into next stitch. Continue sc or dc round)

Last group( stripes)... I did hdc & worked 4 colors

Row1, first, opposite end, add 2nd color- row3

Row 4, add 3rd color on 1 side( not used)

Row5, add 4th color

Then went around with colors til 7 rows on each side, cutting one color at a time.

Then I added the border

( previous posts)

This is my very own design.  Only my design.  If you choose to copy it, please refer people back to my work. BlueMonkeyCrochet is the OWNER of this design.  Thank you


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