Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wiggle wiggle

Ha!!! So I have been doing the wiggle stitch for years. Just goes to show that I do my own thing. You can find the tutorial on moogly.  I am happy to know that being a original does have it's perks.  People don't really understand why I choose not to follow patterns. My reason is because I want each and every one of my creations to be a unique work of art.  After all, no two humans are alike, why should my work be the same?  
The blanket I am making for my mom was almost finished.  I was almost half way on my finishing stitch when it dawned on me that my mother likes a wide border. So I fogged the two sides, worked a few stitches half a dozen times and came up with the next(3rd) row of the border. Do the 3xsc in corner, chain 3, skip 2, 3xsc in next. Continue round. 
I may possibly do another row. I need to buy at least one more skein when my check comes in. 

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