Friday, January 31, 2014

Itty bitty banana na

I have another order for 3 "minion" beanies.  I've called them banana nas because, well obviously I am not part of the brand" despicable me".  Furthermore, I couldn't duplicate anything no matter how hard I tried.  I've had people tell me that it's against copyright... I'm not sure those people know the difference between their head and a hole in the ground.  All my work is done solely by myself, Andria Carlene.  These two hands make everything.  I buy the yarn, I buy the hooks or needles, I buy the scissors, I buy the buttons... It's all me.  I'm in my own area all alone.... Only occasionally do I knit or crochet in public even.   But you get the point.  I do not want anyone confused.
Anyways, minion, banana nas, whatever.., it's jus yellow, black, blue, white,& grey yarn. That's it!
For baby 0-6 month... This fits my rainbow brite doll....
Size H hook
Red heart or same kind yarn, acrylic-
All single crochet(2x = 2 single crochet into same stitch)
Chain 4, slip into 2nd pull tight(3 stitches), 6 single into same.
2x into each stitch=12
1single, 2x, 1, 2x=18
2 single, 2x , 2 , 2x = 24
3 single, 2x, 3 , 2x= 30
4 single, 2x, 4, 2x= 36
5 single, 2x, 5, 2x= 42
Continue til 5.5 inches long for plain hat/beanie
It's up to you where you want the stripe, I usually just eyeball it. Or you can do 2 rows of 42 stitches, stripe 2 rows, then finish with yellow.
I've began to do my border in blue.  Any color will work. 1 row round.
On both sides for ears, stitch 8 across, turn, do not go into first stitch  
( decrease) go into second stitch, across-turn, go into second stitch, repeat til you have shape you want.  I usually leave 4 at bottom.  Single crochet down Oppisite side you started with ear.
Slip stitch bottom stitch only
Continue to other ear,( 1/2 way). ( ears should have equal distance apart on both sides). 
Slip stitch finish round all.

Add braids.

Chain 4, slip into 2nd, pull tight. 6 into same stitch
2x into each
1single, 2x round
2 single, 2x round
A. For 1 eye
3 single, 2x round 
FPsc round

B. For 2 eyes
FPsc round

Sew in face if desired, add strands of hair. Sew eyes


Thursday, January 30, 2014

At least we have coffee

My husband is trying to explain a movie to me... At least we have coffee.  The pilots may be dead and we can't land for hours.... Blaaaa.... 
Okay.  I seriously am glad that he has his coffee, but I was really hoping to have about $20 of my paycheck to myself.  I kinda already spent it... But sure I guess my other priorities can wait a week.  So don't like being up this early.... Okay, but at least he has a job.  I really don't need any size 10.5 short needles or that grape yarn.  But my customers have already paid me via paypal so I have to mail out their orders.  That's one thing I'm not going to wait on.  Maybe I need to drink some of his great coffee.  That might make my migraine go away and I would be in a better mood.  I'm thankful I have a wonderful husband that tries to make me laugh when he knows I'm upset.
Yarn can wait. At least we have coffee.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yarn is wonderfully unique.  You have thousand of different colors, textures, and fibers to choose from.  Whatever your heart desires, there can be a yarn for you.  My favorite yarn isn't about any of these things, it's about how it feels when I work it.  The same yarn can feel differently between a size H hook, a size K hook, and size 15 needles.  It all depends on how you work with it.  One of the types I enjoy working with is red heart.  Their with love brand is the most adapting to my specific needs.  The super saver is more versatile but is a lot rougher in my opinion.  Both can be used for a wide variety of projects. 
Right now I am working on some banana na beanies for a friend.  My problem is that since knitting with smaller needles, a size H hook is simply too tight.  I moved up to a I hook, but still had to stretch the beanie quite a bit.  What I thought was a adult size is now the child size.  I'm having to make another one bigger.  I'll end up sending her all 3 beanies since she has a baby as well.  She's already paid me, so I don't mind the extra effort.  A great customer is hard to find these days, so when she wants something, I try my best.  It is more important for me to have a handful of satisfied repeat customers that become friends, than a lot of one time customers I never hear from again.  Yes, the money is nice.  But, I prefer knowing I did a great job and whomever receives my hand made products enjoy them.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love is a skein of yarn

Love is a new skein of yarn.  
That first day you see the new skein, you think it is perfect.  It is just the right color, the perfect softeness, thickness, texture... It is exactly what you wanted.  You want to know everything there is to know about this new skein.  What's it called?  Where is it from?  Who makes it?? What is it compared to?  There are so many questions and new things to learn. 
If you choose the right hooks or needles, the yarn will be smooth and easily worked.  Just like a loving relationship.  You must care for the relationship and do your part to make it the best it can be.
Even the most perfect skein of yarn, like a person, is flawed.  There may be some coloration differences, these are related to moods in a relationship.  People are moody, some more than others.  Just because they are having a off day is no reason to stop caring about someone.  They are the same.  Knots happen in the most expensive exotic yarn also.  These are like arguments.  Things become heated because one little strand is not where it should be, if left alone, the knot becomes more tangled and you eventually give up on the beautiful yarn.
If you take care and work your way thru the tangled knot, like choosing your words carefully and apologizing, the knot becomes smaller and eventually there's nothing left tangled.  
There are also breaks in yarn.  Almost every skein I have ever used had a break in it.  This happens when the yarn is accidentally cut or is broken or stretched, it is in two.  When this happens, it is like a lie in a relationship.  The lie stops everything.  You can try to cover it up, by quickly tying it, but if you don't secure it, and you pull too hard, all the work since then comes undone and your worse off then you were.  Same for covering up a lie.  At first it's a little white lie that doesn't hurt much, but is you cover it up with a bigger lie, things fall apart and are worse than the lie itself.
You must tell the truth, ask forgiveness, and mend the relationship.  You must secure the break so that you can move on.  It will always be there, but over time, that break will be less noticeable, as you find forgiveness and earn back trust.
No matter how perfect a skein of yarn is, it's always going to have flaws.. But, if you work with the flaws and use the proper tools, fixing what's wrong, it will become something you can love and cherish for a lifetime.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Banana na baby

I've got 2 orders for my banana na hats!!! Yeah. I get to crochet all day. Yellow is one of those colors that I don't care for, but at least it's not red.  My pattern is pretty simple.
Red heart super saver
Yellow, black, white, navy, &grey
Size H hook
Single crochet 4, join into 2nd stitch.
6 single crochet into 2nd stitch.
2single crochet into each stitch.
Single crochet 1, 2sc in next, repeat.
Sc2, 2sc in next, repeat.
Sc3, 2sc in next, repeat. 

52 stitches unstretched!!!
Single crochet 2 rows
Join in black, sc 2 rows. Tie off black
Switch to yellow, continue single crochet til  23 rows total.
Add Blue 
Single crochet round.
Slip stitch round. Weave ends

Add 1-2 eyes
(See previous post)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rainbow knit baby please

My husband and I are praying for a baby, been praying every day since we got married 3 years ago.  I have decided to trust in God and to let my fears go.  I believe that I am a good mom and God will bless us with another child.
I have started a blanket for our future baby.  
Rainbow baby 
X= white or border color
Size 10 needles
Red heart with love
With color 1, Cast on 77, 
Knit(wise 1 row)
X color add( drop 1st), knit 2 rows
1st color pick up( drop x) cut&tie 
Purl1 row
Knit 1 row


This is all I've done since last night,
Keep til (I'm thinking)~7"
Switch to 2nd color(cut1st)
Knit wise 2 rows, drop 2nd color,
 add x knit 2 rows
Drop x, cut & tie
Purl 1 row with color 2
Knit 1 row
Continue knit( wise) til ~7"
Switch color
I'll post photos as I go.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stinky boys

As most of you followers of my blog know, I have a husband and two sons, that's 3 stinky boys in my house.  Most of the time I love having them around but sometimes they really bother me.  One of these times has to do with the bathroom.  They are 9 and almost 8, plenty old enough to knock on the door.  Bad thing is this door does not have a doorknob.  Our landlord gave us one that didn't fit. I'm happy to have a door.  Anyways, it doesn't matter what I happen to be doing in the bathroom.  My stinkers barg in on me.  Worse is if I'm using the toilet, they pull the shower curtain back and pee in the tub.  Sometimes the forget to rinse it afterwards. Eww! I hate the smell of pee!  I really don't like cleaning up their messes.  Even my husband comes in and just looks at me.  I love him, but I don't like him seeing me in certain positions.  My least favorite part is the boys splashing water on the floor, or worse, missing the toilet.  
I'm thinking of crocheting a toilet "rug". If it's yellow then they have to scrub the toilet... Just need some white yarn.
New rule is : they are boys. I'm a girl.  My parts are different and they don't need to see girl parts til they are married.  If I'm in the bathroom they knock.  My husband is allowed in, sometimes.... I really don't want him seeing me pop a pimple... Eww! Lol.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Some days I feel like I live in a circus.  There is always someone running around the house screaming, singing, or just making funny noises.  Most of the time it is my youngest son.  He is almost 8 years old and has the entergy of a 2 year old.  Hyper active doesn't begin to describe him.  He's no good on ADHD medication, we have tried that after having our hand forced by certain teachers... It made him worse.  I hate to say that it zombified him, but that's what happened.  He stopped eating, stopped running around, stopped everything.  Plus he slept all the time.  
I think of him as simply a bored energetic child.  He's very intelligent, loving, sincere, and takes care of others.  He simply has more energy than the rest of the children I know.
The other part of the circus revolves around a majic act.  There are things missing frequently.  Take example, my socks.  Why is it that I have plenty but can only find 3 pair?  Today I took mine off after arriving home from getting boys. I placed them by my shoes.  I use brush my teeth, change my clothes, and viola!! One of my socks is missing.  I had to buy more socks tonight.  On the bright side, my yarn is still where I put it. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Knit hat

My first knit hat did not turn out as well as I had hoped.  I think I like the look of just plain knit(wise)(back) better than the weave pattern.  I will also try a different type of yarn, maybe red heart with love. The fit was great, but most defiantly no decrease of stitches.  I will also just sew the top across or use crochet to finish instead of bunching it in a 4 way.
I will also make sure and not skip any stitches, which I've learned is easier to do with knit.  It is also almost impossible to fix mistakes.  That's got to be the best thing about crochet, if you mess up, you can just pull the yarn.  

Knit circle

I decided to try and attempt to knit a hat. So far here is the pattern:
10.5 circular needles

Cast on 44 (45) stitches
Knit wise( behind) 3 rows
1 row knit wise end stitch, knit wise 1, slip stitch 2 ( as to purl)
1 row knit wise
1 row knit wise end stitch, knit wise 1, slip stitch 2 (as to purl)
Knit wise 3 rows
Repeat til desired length

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Easy plastic bag holder

M hook
2 non metal hair twisters
Chunky ball( I used kleiner nova)4 ply 

Slip stitch around 1 hair twister, single crochet round, slip stitch to join=20
2 single crochet into slip stitch
Single crochet 5, increase(3 times total)
Double crochet in last 
Double crochet 2 rows=24
Single crochet round
Double crochet 2 rows
Single crochet round
Double crochet =24
Half double crochet. ( this in half way)
Double crochet=24
Single crochet
Double crochet 2 rows
Single crochet
Decrease every 6th( sc5, skip 1...)=20
Place 2nd hair twister over hook, slip into 1st stitch, single crochet round hair twister, stretching as you go( see photo above).
Slip stitch into first stitch, tie& weave ends.

Loop( optional) to hang
Tie into1st row(1stitch only), chain 10, slip back into same stitch. 
Single crochet round loop. 
Slip back into same stitch
Slip stitch, tie, and weave ends.

Holds 25 plastic bags


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Remote control

A while back I was making my mom a blanket.  I had been working on it for a few weeks when I realized that it would be way to wide.  I tossed it aside and made the new one.. Yesterday I was thinking of how my husband looses the remote controls often and started looking for ideas of how to solve the problem.  I was in our room and came across the unfinished blanket! Viola idea!!!
I measured the coffee table beside the couch. Folded the sides inward, allowing enough room in the middle so that it would fit.  Secured the sides with plastic needles and sewed the sides up. Then I sewed down the middle to make 2 halfs. 
My hubby loves it!!!

A great man

I was once married to a not great boy.  He was too immature to be married and to raise a family.  He often let me down.
There were some okay times in the 6 years we were married, but he never really became a man.  Even now, he is almost 28, and yet he doesn't have his own place to live, a steady job, insurance, or take responsibility for the life he helped create.
That life I had with him was no life at all, the day to day abuse, verbal. He did not hit me like other guys, he made me feel unworthy. He had a hold on my confidence.  I was never good enough for him.  I did things I'm not proud of in the marriage, but that marriage never should have happened.  We did not marry for love.  

Shortly after he gave me a divorce, I prayed that God bring me a man.  A great man that would love me for who I am, not who I was.  A man that would adore my children, that would take these two little boys as his own flesh and blood, that would be there to support is, to protect us, to love us.
God answered my prayers.  My husband and I met and married in 4&1/2 months time.  He would drive 90 miles every weekend to come see me.  That's love.  One day, right after we met, one of the boys started coughing.  We were at my moms house(where I lived), Paul looked at me and asked if the boy had any medicine. I said no.  He told me we had better get him some.  He went right then and bought my son some cough medicine.  That's love.
We married for love.  I am thankful to God for bringing me a great man.  A man who cares for me, who loves me and adores me, who respects me, who forgives me of my wrong doings, who lifts me up, and most of all, who is a Godly man.
Not only is my husband a great man, but he is a great dad.  He loves our boys as his.  To him, they are his boys.  He watches over them, he cares for them, he teaches them, he disciplines them as a father should.  The boys adore their dad.  They have become little gentlemen because of my husband.  They are happy.  We are all blessed.  God has taken my broken family and made it whole again.  
Oh, and my husband buys me yarn!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Another kid movie

My wonderful boys are off today because of the MLK holiday.   They are snuggled up on the couch watching Freddy frog face.  I don't care much for the movie but  it is rather amuzing.  I hope to get a few rows done on my knitting blanket.  
So far, 
Stash buster baby blanket
I love this yarn
Size 13 short knitting needles
Colors of your choice
I casted on roughly 95 stitches( I haven't counted), my needle was full
Color a
Knit wise about 3 inches( unstretched)
Or until you finish your fist ball/skein
Color b
Worked in 2 rows
First row: knit wise 2( side stitch+1)
Slip 2( as if to purl), knit wise 1, slip 2; as if to purl)... Continue
Second row: knit wise
Repeat alternating rows.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


We finally made it home!!! I'm so glad to not be in the car.  It was only a 2 hour drive from the church my husband preached at, but man do my legs cramp. We had a wonderful day.  My husband preached a great sermon.  I'm proud of him, he has gotten a lot better.  The church members were very friendly and we were welcomed in to a couples home.   I could use more of the lasagna the lady made... Mmm.  Home made lasagna, bread, salad, and sweet tea.  Plus I was able to rest a bit while my oldest played.  Our youngest took a nap with me.  I felt at home.. It is a blessing to have such wonderful people welcome you as family.  We spent some time at my dad in laws house yesterday.  That was fun.  It's so good to be home. 
Here's the skirt I made for the new baby cousin. 

Saturday and Sunday

This weekend has been a bit hectic.  I completely forgot to blog yesterday.  We've been on our trip.  Yesterday morning my husband wakes me and tells me I need to get dressed and go.  Okay, sure.. I get ready to go.  Our boys are ready, and guess who doesn't have clean pants?  Yup, my husband!! Okay this is a bit hilarious.  I had towels washing so we had to wait til they were done.  His load was (2) two pairs of pants.. How funny.  So we waited and waited some more.  We end up leaving 2 hours after schedule.  We get to where I'm suppose to call his cousin and get directions to her house, pull out my phone, my hubby dials because I'm driving, and my phone dies.  Great!! I don't know where she lives, my husband doesn't know and his phone is almost dead too,  I pull off the highway at the next exit.  We find a mc d's.  No problem, we go in, sit down and charge our phones right?? Wrong, we go in and guess what?? Not a single outlet!! What?? Okay that's a bit crazy.  We try chikfilet, can't even get a parking space.... So we go in the AT&T store! Yay!! I have a associate plug my phone in.. We wonder around for a good 30 minutes.  My phone should be charged right?  Hahaha!! Wrong again.. Nothing, the extension must have been turned off, we ask another associate& they direct us to a table, viola!! It works, we sit down and wait some more, the boys spinning around in the chairs.  Finally call my husband's cousin... Luckily they are in town and meet us there.  She loved the crocheted items I made for her baby to be.  I gave her her sister's as well, she just had a baby girl.  We leave with semi charged batteries.  We arrive at my dad in laws house finally we can eat!!! Haha! Um, no..., we have another 30 minute drive back the way we came to see the church hubby is preaching at.  Not to mention the pit stop to see my sis in law. It was nice seeing her!   We get home and I'm starving, speggitti.. Yummy  I don't like speggitti! 
-more later-

Friday, January 17, 2014

Knit wise

I went back over the video that helped me start to knit.  I realized that the stitch I was referring earlier to as back is called knit wise.  What a funny little name.  I just finished day two of knitting.  I'm having to switch between my long size 11 and my short size 13 needles.  My project has became bulky.  I'm going to try to find some long 13 later.  So far, I am really proud of myself for taking to knitting.  For so long I thought that I couldn't.  I still love crochet as much as I did a week ago, but I am very excited to see how my knitting looks after I've been on it for a while.  I'm making a baby blanket for my child that I hope and pray to conceive soon.  I know that sounds strange, but I figure if I get pregnant soon then I should have the blanket finished by the time I have the baby.  I don't prefer a boy or a girl, I want a healthy happy full term baby.  I've been praying for 3 years now and I believe this is the year.  Anyways, I finished up my husband's cousin's baby gift, she just had a girl!!! Here's what it looks like:  red heart with love and red heart soft and chunky.
I ended up adding a giant pink button( not pictured).  Turned out adorable.

The penguin ate it

Yesterday I got paid. I deducted $100 out of my account and put it in my purse. As soon as I got home I took it from my purse, counted (5) $20 bills.  I put it into the penguin cookie jar on the counter, closed the lid.  Then I texted my husband " the penguin has the money".
I picked the boys up from school, picked my husband up from the car pool, went to hobby lobby, bought 2 needles and a skein of orange yarn for my son, and came home.
After much debate over dinner, my husband asks me to order pizza.  I do.  He hands the guy $40.45 on a $30.35 ticket, gets (2) $5 bills back.
This morning I ask where the $70 is for me to buy groceries, he hands me $50.
Now we have a problem.  There is a missing $20 somewhere.  We ask the boys, they haven't touched it.  We look for it, it's not inside or outside. So that leaves us with three senerios:
( since we know each other isn't lying)
A. The bank ATM only gave me (4) $20's
- I miss counted
B. My husband miss counted and two of the $20's were stuck to each other, the pizza guy miss counted also and got a big tip.
C. The penguin ate it.


Thursday, January 16, 2014


There are several ways to organize your yarn stash.  Personally, I am fond of the criss cross method. It's basically squares that are turned diagonally.  Right now my stash is divided amongst two bookcases.  It's not very pretty but it does it's purpose.  I've also found that you can put a single skein into a pickle jar or partial skein in a mason jar.  I am not very fond of using glass around my children, but my grandmother has canned foods since I was little so she had plenty extra jars to give me. 
Shelving makes it easy so you can see what yarns you have.   My black shelf has full skeins on the top shelf, bins of small balls and partial skeins in the middle, and sock yarn on the bottom.  The wooden shelf I have because the big box store was out of black.  It's alright because I'm not that picky. Only our living room set matches because we bought the pieces at the same time.  We have my old trunk in the living room.  I spray painted it purple years ago. The entertainment center is wood.  The shelves are black? I think.  One coffee table is black, the coffee table our computer is on is wooden.  It's mate is beside my side of the bed.  Our whole place is just mix and match.  Ha!  It's funny really.  After my husband and I married, we moved in together. I brought my things from my moms house. I had linens and no bed, he had a bed and no sheets.  I had towels, he had a tv. I had movies.  We knew it was perfect.  He's always had what I lacked and I have what he lacks.  The wood shelf has full skeins on top, books and pretty vannA yarn in the middle and my cotton and project bins at the bottom.  Both have my monkeys on top and I have a closet organizer nailed sideways above the black shelf to put my really pretty yarn in.
My hooks and needles are in yars.  The ones I really like are in my purple polka dotted makeup bag.  Of course, my knitting project is on top of my purple chest in the living room and my crochet projects are beside my bed.  
I have yarn out at all times.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Yay!!!! I completed a little project.  I didn't have a clue what I was making, but when I finished I realized it was the perfect size for a headband!!
Knit needles size 11
I love this yarn
Cast on 35
Switch every other row between front and back knit.
Cast off

Knitting monkey

Last night I was curious again so I picked up my knitting needles and searched Utube.  After several attempts I found a video that was easy enough to follow. I'm hoping to make myself a scarf or something.  I'm still brand new at it and it's trickier than crocheting.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Baby leg warmers 6-12 months

I love this yarn
Size H hook

Chain 21, slst 
1,2, sc
3- hdc
4- popcorn every 3rd( 3xdc, ch1, slip stitch ch1 into st before)
5- hdc
6,7- sc
9,10- sc
12 popcorn every 3rd
13 hdc
14,15 sc
Finish stitch
Make 2

Monday, January 13, 2014


I found a reall neat baby shower gift online, cupcake onesies.  I'm thinking of making some to gift all the cousins in law that are expecting.  One of which, is going to be induced today!!! I'm praying she and baby make it through safe.  It's not her first baby so I'm sure she will do just fine.  I will probably be able to drop it off this weekend on the way to a church my husband will be filling in preaching.  I'm so excited, I love babies!!!! 
Anyways!!!! Here are MY instructions,  I will post photos after I've made some.
4 onesies size 0/3-3/6
4 baby socks
Cupcake liners
Clear tape
Small cupcake box or pick a boo box
Pretty paper/ card stock
Take 1 onesie, fold sleeves over to touch in middle, fold it in half lengthwise.
Take 1 sock, place on top of onesie, where heel is facing out a bit.
Roll onesie up, leaving a bit of the heel to show.
Secure end with a piece of tape
Repeat 3 more times.
With remaining socks, roll up and secure with tape.
Put "cupcakes" in cupcake liners and place in box, fill gaps with socks.
Close box and add a bow with ribbon.
Cut out a heart wit the card stock & write a personalize "to/from" note. Tape to front of box, beside bow.
Gift to mom& baby
I will most likely be doing this with some babie hats I've made as well. It would be cute to replace the socks with baby hats & the onesies with chunky scarfs for mom/ dad. 
There are many great ideas I can't wait to try!!!  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flower square

I started off looking for a few easy patterns for squares.  I came across one that I thought looked great.  After I was into my forth row I realized that the pattern maker wrote it incorrectly.  I re wrote it in simpler terms. 

Red heart super saver                size g hook

 Chain 5, slip into first stitch.                   Ch 3 – this counts as the first dc. 2xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, Ch 2, sl st to join to beginning :12 

Slip stitch 2-3( until next chain2 space), chain 3 into the previous chain 2.  2xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc...Repeat each chain2 space til end.


Flower square

I started off looking for a few easy patterns for squares.  I came across one that I thought looked great.  After I was into my forth row I realized that the pattern maker wrote it incorrectly.  I re wrote it in simpler terms. 

Red heart super saver                size g hook

 Chain 5, slip into first stitch.                   Ch 3 – this counts as the first dc. 2xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, Ch 2, sl st to join to beginning :12 

Slip stitch 2-3( until next chain2 space), chain 3 into the previous chain 2.  2xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc...Repeat each chain2 space til end.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Plan changes

I think we have settled on going to memphis, or shall I say, I have. 
Memphis is only a 2.5-3 hour drive away.
I'm looking forward to seeing the botanical gardens and the polar bears.  I love butterflies, I do have a tattoo of one after all.  It will be nice to getaway for a few days and relax with the family. 
I will take some yarn along, or maybe I can find some awesome yarn store in memphis.... Hmmm sounds like a great idea to me.  I have 3 projects I am working on right now.  A little blue monkey for my neighbor, a grandma blanket for my aunti( gma to be), and Paul's tiger.  Right now I am exhausted so I'll be sleeping and then I will bring out my hooks. 

Friday, January 10, 2014


Planning a family vacation is harder than it seems. To me, it's simple.. I would like to go to Florida, see my sister, hang out at a resort, maybe go to sea world and the beach.  Have a nice week long stay. My husband isn't much to discuss things.  I like to plan ahead of time to make sure we have enough money.  If it's going to be $2,500 that's fine, but we can't spend that on useless junk.  I actually want to do something.
He doesn't want to fly.  Well I can't blame him on that one because I don't want to fly either. I am afraid of heights and scared of what might happen.  Driving with the boys in a small car is almost impossible.  So Florida is out.  A cruise is out because we might get sea sick or have to leave boys with a sitter, my mom wouldn't appreciate that to much.
He suggest going to memphis.  Okay. Well I do research and come up with some ideas of crappers that might be fun.  Ugh, really if we are going to stay for a week and only go to the zoo.  I don't see the point in it.  But anyways here I am looking at things, researching, doing price comparisons and all he can do is play stupid video games. Well, I guess we won't have a vacation this year.
Oh well, we probably won't be doing anything and I'll be putting up with him for 3 whole weeks of cranky butt plus the boys.  Oue vei!!! I'm tired of doing all the planning.  I could just as easily spend the money on something for myself.  I could really use a couple of pairs of jeans.  It would be nice to have some that actually fit me and weren't about to rip apart.  Also, another dresser since my clothes are in bags after having to share mine with him.  Maybe I will get a skein of yarn. Ha! I haven't bought yarn in 3 weeks. I'm really needing some for the blanket I am making as a gift, but really can't get any right now.  Yeah I'm in a bad mood.  I do apologize for the rantings.  
Maybe I will ignore everyone later, after sleep, today and do nothing but crochet. Yeah, crochet and pretend the world around me does not exists.  That sounds really good right now. 

* my husband really is a great guy, but when it comes to planning, he stinks*.


Plarn is plastic yarn.  I was intrigued by a post from a lady about selling plarn.  At first I didn't have a clue what she was talking about.  I looked it up, basically you take plastic bags, fold them, and cut out loops. Then you slip tie the loops together, roll into a ball and crochet as you would yarn.  This seemed easy enough.  Well let me just say that walmart bags suck.  They are really thin and kept breaking on me, so my project has a lot more knots than I would have liked.  I suppose I could try other bags in the future, but seeing as how unimpressed I was, I doubt I'll be trying it again.  Here's how mine turned out. I did 2 rows of single crochet.  Not impressive.  At least my son has a bracelet.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


It is cold.  Last night it froze over here so I'm with both boys today.  Some of the bus routes are unsafe to drive on.  My husband braved it.  I feel bad for him having to go to work instead of staying at home today.  He told me he had people depending on him.  He's right, I doubt the ability of his work to function properly without him.  He's really great at what he does.  Yesterday I was cuddled up with our youngest on the bed, well, he came to me while I was crocheting... Anyways I ask him if he wants to crochet too. He picked the crystal hook because he likes the bubbles inside of it.  I have two jars of scrap yarn for him so he grabbed one& picked blue.  It took him a while because he doesn't exactly listen to instructions.. But he started doing a chain stitch.  It's also hard for him because he is left handed and I'm right handed.  I have tried to crochet left handed but it doesn't work very well.  I need to search some other videos for him to look at.  The one we watched went too fast.
I'm hoping he gets the hang of it and that crochet can be one of his passions. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chunky scarf

Red heart with love
2 skeins
Size k or larger hook

Working both skeins at once
Chain 77, turn, slip into 2nd stitch
Single crochet 75, turn, chain 1, slip into 2nd stitch
Single crochet 75, turn, chain 1, slip into 2nd stitch
Half double crochet 75, turn, chain 1, slip into 2nd stitch
Single crochet 75, turn, chain 1, slip into 2nd stitch
Single crochet 75, turn, chain 1, slip into 2nd stitch
Slip stitch finish
Weave ends


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flower square

Red heart super saver 5 colors
4.00 G hook
Chain 4, pull tight, into 2nd stitch;
Yarn over, slip into stitch, pull through 1, push back into same stitch, pull through 2, yarn over, pull 2, yarn over, pull through last, 
Continue until you have 9 flowers
3x half double crochet, chain 2, 3x half double, chain 2, continue round all
Single crochet to corners, chain 1, next stitch( middle of previous 3x) 3xsc into all 4 corners

Monday, January 6, 2014


It is officially cold.  This morning my son had to climb through the truck to open the frozen car door.  My husband had a heck of a time pushing mine open as I have no handle on the outside to help him.  Lovely children broke it a couple of years back.  There loss since they now have to open the door for me every time. 
I had to walk Home in the freezing cold. Makes me thankful it wasn't any colder. Luckily my wonderful husband have me his coat to wear.  It came from the frozen tundra but I was still cold, geez I'd hate to have been in the stands yesterday.  The Packer fans sure are loyal.  It sucks we lost the game, I'm not siding with the officials on that one. The play clock was added too when I should've been and the only fowl was called on us.  Sucks when we loose.  What also sucks is my husband was 1 freaking minute late and can't clock in for another half hour which means he's going to be late coming home.   I've been home an hour, under a heavy blanket and I'm still cold.  Good greif.
We really need a car this tax time.  I'm going to forget about wanting a house or let alone another child. I'm tired of me and the boys freezing.  
I need to crochet something to keep warmer. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Circles to squares

The easiest way to make a square from a circle is to widen your circle until the stitches are divisible by 4.
Such as using 
Chain 4, slip into 2nd stitch
Single crochet 6 into circle
2xsc round:12
Sc1, 2xsc round :18
Sc2, 2xsc round: 24
So this would be simply 6x4=24
Add 1 more stitch=25
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6 , chain 1, 3xsc into middle of previous rounds 3xsc
Sc7, ch1, 3xsc
Sc7, ch1, 3xsc
Sc8, ch1, 3xsc

The number of stitches increases per round due to the chain 1, it's okay if your stitches aren't exact as long as the 3xsc is in the middle stitch of the previous rows 3xsc.
Keep going until desired size

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Working with polymer clay is relatively easy.  The first thing you need to do is make sure it is oven baked vs air dry or reusable.  Kneed the clay until it is smooth and rolls easy in your hands. 
Using a small rolling pin is easy but not necessary.   Find the color or colors that you want and roll them out until smooth.  Make sure your hook is metal as to bake without damage.  Your hook should be clean of debris.  You can either wrap the clay around your hooks, or make a ball and push your hook into the clay.  Either way it's best to full wrap your hook with the clay from the bottom end to the numbers.  Make sure the clay does not cover up the size, for future referencing.
You may make any design you want as long as it is stable and won't fall off.  It's best to smooth out any rough spots before baking it.
Bake as directed
Let cool a couple of hours
Paint the sealant on with a brush.
Let fully dry 1-2 days

Friday, January 3, 2014

Someone else's opinion

The other day I was going thru my social media site and I came upon a post asking about trademarks.  I really am confused.  I've been crocheting things throughout the years, mostly based on a photo I've seen or a certain place I've been.  It's hard to know what is original. 
Almost everything anyone comes up with has been thought of by someone else.  Take example: mac&cheese pizza
20 years ago, way before anyone started serving it, I decided to put my max& cheese on a slice of pizza.  My brothers thought it was gross... Now, at least 2 pizza chains serve it.   Who's idea was it? That's like who came up with Mac& cheese? Exactly who knows, I sure as everything don't.
I was criticized over some "minion" hats. When in fact they have nothing to do with them. My son liked the movie and I went and bought yellow yarn. The minions obviously are not made of yarn. They are digital, not even real... So how could I copy that??  I haven't reproduced any products from the company that made the movie.  It's like saying I'm wrong for coloring a flower because there are flowers in lilos hair?? I don't know but it really upsets me when other people judge my work.  I looked on her profile and there were a lot more than minions. Don't wanna hear about anymore crap from her.  Oyevai

Coaster for kids cups

Cotton Yarn such as peaches& cream
Size H 5.00 mm hook
Chain 19, pull tight( the first is your slip stitch)
Row 1 :slip into 2 nd stitch, single crochet :16
Rows 2-16:chain 1, turn, slip into the 2nd stitch, single crochet 16
Row 17 :chain 2, skip 1 stitch, single crochet 1, repeat around all 4 sides.
Row 18: slip stitch/ finish, tie off& weave ends.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Easy coaster

This coaster is super easy to work up and is really pretty to look at.
Cotton Yarn such as peaches& cream
Size H 5.00 mm hook
Chain 21, pull tight( the first is your slip stitch)
Row 1 :slip into 2 nd stitch, single crochet18 :18
Rows 2-18: chain 1, turn, slip into the 2nd stitch, single crochet 18
Row 19 :chain 2, skip 1 stitch, single crochet 1, repeat around all 4 sides.
Row 20: slip stitch/ finish, tie off& weave ends.