Monday, January 6, 2014


It is officially cold.  This morning my son had to climb through the truck to open the frozen car door.  My husband had a heck of a time pushing mine open as I have no handle on the outside to help him.  Lovely children broke it a couple of years back.  There loss since they now have to open the door for me every time. 
I had to walk Home in the freezing cold. Makes me thankful it wasn't any colder. Luckily my wonderful husband have me his coat to wear.  It came from the frozen tundra but I was still cold, geez I'd hate to have been in the stands yesterday.  The Packer fans sure are loyal.  It sucks we lost the game, I'm not siding with the officials on that one. The play clock was added too when I should've been and the only fowl was called on us.  Sucks when we loose.  What also sucks is my husband was 1 freaking minute late and can't clock in for another half hour which means he's going to be late coming home.   I've been home an hour, under a heavy blanket and I'm still cold.  Good greif.
We really need a car this tax time.  I'm going to forget about wanting a house or let alone another child. I'm tired of me and the boys freezing.  
I need to crochet something to keep warmer. 

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