Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A great man

I was once married to a not great boy.  He was too immature to be married and to raise a family.  He often let me down.
There were some okay times in the 6 years we were married, but he never really became a man.  Even now, he is almost 28, and yet he doesn't have his own place to live, a steady job, insurance, or take responsibility for the life he helped create.
That life I had with him was no life at all, the day to day abuse, verbal. He did not hit me like other guys, he made me feel unworthy. He had a hold on my confidence.  I was never good enough for him.  I did things I'm not proud of in the marriage, but that marriage never should have happened.  We did not marry for love.  

Shortly after he gave me a divorce, I prayed that God bring me a man.  A great man that would love me for who I am, not who I was.  A man that would adore my children, that would take these two little boys as his own flesh and blood, that would be there to support is, to protect us, to love us.
God answered my prayers.  My husband and I met and married in 4&1/2 months time.  He would drive 90 miles every weekend to come see me.  That's love.  One day, right after we met, one of the boys started coughing.  We were at my moms house(where I lived), Paul looked at me and asked if the boy had any medicine. I said no.  He told me we had better get him some.  He went right then and bought my son some cough medicine.  That's love.
We married for love.  I am thankful to God for bringing me a great man.  A man who cares for me, who loves me and adores me, who respects me, who forgives me of my wrong doings, who lifts me up, and most of all, who is a Godly man.
Not only is my husband a great man, but he is a great dad.  He loves our boys as his.  To him, they are his boys.  He watches over them, he cares for them, he teaches them, he disciplines them as a father should.  The boys adore their dad.  They have become little gentlemen because of my husband.  They are happy.  We are all blessed.  God has taken my broken family and made it whole again.  
Oh, and my husband buys me yarn!!

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  1. I love you too baby. You make my world go round and my sun come up.