Monday, January 20, 2014

Another kid movie

My wonderful boys are off today because of the MLK holiday.   They are snuggled up on the couch watching Freddy frog face.  I don't care much for the movie but  it is rather amuzing.  I hope to get a few rows done on my knitting blanket.  
So far, 
Stash buster baby blanket
I love this yarn
Size 13 short knitting needles
Colors of your choice
I casted on roughly 95 stitches( I haven't counted), my needle was full
Color a
Knit wise about 3 inches( unstretched)
Or until you finish your fist ball/skein
Color b
Worked in 2 rows
First row: knit wise 2( side stitch+1)
Slip 2( as if to purl), knit wise 1, slip 2; as if to purl)... Continue
Second row: knit wise
Repeat alternating rows.

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