Thursday, January 30, 2014

At least we have coffee

My husband is trying to explain a movie to me... At least we have coffee.  The pilots may be dead and we can't land for hours.... Blaaaa.... 
Okay.  I seriously am glad that he has his coffee, but I was really hoping to have about $20 of my paycheck to myself.  I kinda already spent it... But sure I guess my other priorities can wait a week.  So don't like being up this early.... Okay, but at least he has a job.  I really don't need any size 10.5 short needles or that grape yarn.  But my customers have already paid me via paypal so I have to mail out their orders.  That's one thing I'm not going to wait on.  Maybe I need to drink some of his great coffee.  That might make my migraine go away and I would be in a better mood.  I'm thankful I have a wonderful husband that tries to make me laugh when he knows I'm upset.
Yarn can wait. At least we have coffee.

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