Monday, January 27, 2014

Banana na baby

I've got 2 orders for my banana na hats!!! Yeah. I get to crochet all day. Yellow is one of those colors that I don't care for, but at least it's not red.  My pattern is pretty simple.
Red heart super saver
Yellow, black, white, navy, &grey
Size H hook
Single crochet 4, join into 2nd stitch.
6 single crochet into 2nd stitch.
2single crochet into each stitch.
Single crochet 1, 2sc in next, repeat.
Sc2, 2sc in next, repeat.
Sc3, 2sc in next, repeat. 

52 stitches unstretched!!!
Single crochet 2 rows
Join in black, sc 2 rows. Tie off black
Switch to yellow, continue single crochet til  23 rows total.
Add Blue 
Single crochet round.
Slip stitch round. Weave ends

Add 1-2 eyes
(See previous post)

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