Sunday, January 5, 2014

Circles to squares

The easiest way to make a square from a circle is to widen your circle until the stitches are divisible by 4.
Such as using 
Chain 4, slip into 2nd stitch
Single crochet 6 into circle
2xsc round:12
Sc1, 2xsc round :18
Sc2, 2xsc round: 24
So this would be simply 6x4=24
Add 1 more stitch=25
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6
Sc 5, 3xsc in 6 , chain 1, 3xsc into middle of previous rounds 3xsc
Sc7, ch1, 3xsc
Sc7, ch1, 3xsc
Sc8, ch1, 3xsc

The number of stitches increases per round due to the chain 1, it's okay if your stitches aren't exact as long as the 3xsc is in the middle stitch of the previous rows 3xsc.
Keep going until desired size

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