Friday, January 24, 2014


Some days I feel like I live in a circus.  There is always someone running around the house screaming, singing, or just making funny noises.  Most of the time it is my youngest son.  He is almost 8 years old and has the entergy of a 2 year old.  Hyper active doesn't begin to describe him.  He's no good on ADHD medication, we have tried that after having our hand forced by certain teachers... It made him worse.  I hate to say that it zombified him, but that's what happened.  He stopped eating, stopped running around, stopped everything.  Plus he slept all the time.  
I think of him as simply a bored energetic child.  He's very intelligent, loving, sincere, and takes care of others.  He simply has more energy than the rest of the children I know.
The other part of the circus revolves around a majic act.  There are things missing frequently.  Take example, my socks.  Why is it that I have plenty but can only find 3 pair?  Today I took mine off after arriving home from getting boys. I placed them by my shoes.  I use brush my teeth, change my clothes, and viola!! One of my socks is missing.  I had to buy more socks tonight.  On the bright side, my yarn is still where I put it. 

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