Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Yarn is wonderfully unique.  You have thousand of different colors, textures, and fibers to choose from.  Whatever your heart desires, there can be a yarn for you.  My favorite yarn isn't about any of these things, it's about how it feels when I work it.  The same yarn can feel differently between a size H hook, a size K hook, and size 15 needles.  It all depends on how you work with it.  One of the types I enjoy working with is red heart.  Their with love brand is the most adapting to my specific needs.  The super saver is more versatile but is a lot rougher in my opinion.  Both can be used for a wide variety of projects. 
Right now I am working on some banana na beanies for a friend.  My problem is that since knitting with smaller needles, a size H hook is simply too tight.  I moved up to a I hook, but still had to stretch the beanie quite a bit.  What I thought was a adult size is now the child size.  I'm having to make another one bigger.  I'll end up sending her all 3 beanies since she has a baby as well.  She's already paid me, so I don't mind the extra effort.  A great customer is hard to find these days, so when she wants something, I try my best.  It is more important for me to have a handful of satisfied repeat customers that become friends, than a lot of one time customers I never hear from again.  Yes, the money is nice.  But, I prefer knowing I did a great job and whomever receives my hand made products enjoy them.

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