Monday, January 13, 2014


I found a reall neat baby shower gift online, cupcake onesies.  I'm thinking of making some to gift all the cousins in law that are expecting.  One of which, is going to be induced today!!! I'm praying she and baby make it through safe.  It's not her first baby so I'm sure she will do just fine.  I will probably be able to drop it off this weekend on the way to a church my husband will be filling in preaching.  I'm so excited, I love babies!!!! 
Anyways!!!! Here are MY instructions,  I will post photos after I've made some.
4 onesies size 0/3-3/6
4 baby socks
Cupcake liners
Clear tape
Small cupcake box or pick a boo box
Pretty paper/ card stock
Take 1 onesie, fold sleeves over to touch in middle, fold it in half lengthwise.
Take 1 sock, place on top of onesie, where heel is facing out a bit.
Roll onesie up, leaving a bit of the heel to show.
Secure end with a piece of tape
Repeat 3 more times.
With remaining socks, roll up and secure with tape.
Put "cupcakes" in cupcake liners and place in box, fill gaps with socks.
Close box and add a bow with ribbon.
Cut out a heart wit the card stock & write a personalize "to/from" note. Tape to front of box, beside bow.
Gift to mom& baby
I will most likely be doing this with some babie hats I've made as well. It would be cute to replace the socks with baby hats & the onesies with chunky scarfs for mom/ dad. 
There are many great ideas I can't wait to try!!!  

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