Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flower square

I started off looking for a few easy patterns for squares.  I came across one that I thought looked great.  After I was into my forth row I realized that the pattern maker wrote it incorrectly.  I re wrote it in simpler terms. 

Red heart super saver                size g hook

 Chain 5, slip into first stitch.                   Ch 3 – this counts as the first dc. 2xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, Ch 2, sl st to join to beginning :12 

Slip stitch 2-3( until next chain2 space), chain 3 into the previous chain 2.  2xdc, chain 2, 3xdc, chain 2, 3xdc...Repeat each chain2 space til end.


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