Thursday, January 9, 2014


It is cold.  Last night it froze over here so I'm with both boys today.  Some of the bus routes are unsafe to drive on.  My husband braved it.  I feel bad for him having to go to work instead of staying at home today.  He told me he had people depending on him.  He's right, I doubt the ability of his work to function properly without him.  He's really great at what he does.  Yesterday I was cuddled up with our youngest on the bed, well, he came to me while I was crocheting... Anyways I ask him if he wants to crochet too. He picked the crystal hook because he likes the bubbles inside of it.  I have two jars of scrap yarn for him so he grabbed one& picked blue.  It took him a while because he doesn't exactly listen to instructions.. But he started doing a chain stitch.  It's also hard for him because he is left handed and I'm right handed.  I have tried to crochet left handed but it doesn't work very well.  I need to search some other videos for him to look at.  The one we watched went too fast.
I'm hoping he gets the hang of it and that crochet can be one of his passions. 

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