Friday, January 31, 2014

Itty bitty banana na

I have another order for 3 "minion" beanies.  I've called them banana nas because, well obviously I am not part of the brand" despicable me".  Furthermore, I couldn't duplicate anything no matter how hard I tried.  I've had people tell me that it's against copyright... I'm not sure those people know the difference between their head and a hole in the ground.  All my work is done solely by myself, Andria Carlene.  These two hands make everything.  I buy the yarn, I buy the hooks or needles, I buy the scissors, I buy the buttons... It's all me.  I'm in my own area all alone.... Only occasionally do I knit or crochet in public even.   But you get the point.  I do not want anyone confused.
Anyways, minion, banana nas, whatever.., it's jus yellow, black, blue, white,& grey yarn. That's it!
For baby 0-6 month... This fits my rainbow brite doll....
Size H hook
Red heart or same kind yarn, acrylic-
All single crochet(2x = 2 single crochet into same stitch)
Chain 4, slip into 2nd pull tight(3 stitches), 6 single into same.
2x into each stitch=12
1single, 2x, 1, 2x=18
2 single, 2x , 2 , 2x = 24
3 single, 2x, 3 , 2x= 30
4 single, 2x, 4, 2x= 36
5 single, 2x, 5, 2x= 42
Continue til 5.5 inches long for plain hat/beanie
It's up to you where you want the stripe, I usually just eyeball it. Or you can do 2 rows of 42 stitches, stripe 2 rows, then finish with yellow.
I've began to do my border in blue.  Any color will work. 1 row round.
On both sides for ears, stitch 8 across, turn, do not go into first stitch  
( decrease) go into second stitch, across-turn, go into second stitch, repeat til you have shape you want.  I usually leave 4 at bottom.  Single crochet down Oppisite side you started with ear.
Slip stitch bottom stitch only
Continue to other ear,( 1/2 way). ( ears should have equal distance apart on both sides). 
Slip stitch finish round all.

Add braids.

Chain 4, slip into 2nd, pull tight. 6 into same stitch
2x into each
1single, 2x round
2 single, 2x round
A. For 1 eye
3 single, 2x round 
FPsc round

B. For 2 eyes
FPsc round

Sew in face if desired, add strands of hair. Sew eyes


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