Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love is a skein of yarn

Love is a new skein of yarn.  
That first day you see the new skein, you think it is perfect.  It is just the right color, the perfect softeness, thickness, texture... It is exactly what you wanted.  You want to know everything there is to know about this new skein.  What's it called?  Where is it from?  Who makes it?? What is it compared to?  There are so many questions and new things to learn. 
If you choose the right hooks or needles, the yarn will be smooth and easily worked.  Just like a loving relationship.  You must care for the relationship and do your part to make it the best it can be.
Even the most perfect skein of yarn, like a person, is flawed.  There may be some coloration differences, these are related to moods in a relationship.  People are moody, some more than others.  Just because they are having a off day is no reason to stop caring about someone.  They are the same.  Knots happen in the most expensive exotic yarn also.  These are like arguments.  Things become heated because one little strand is not where it should be, if left alone, the knot becomes more tangled and you eventually give up on the beautiful yarn.
If you take care and work your way thru the tangled knot, like choosing your words carefully and apologizing, the knot becomes smaller and eventually there's nothing left tangled.  
There are also breaks in yarn.  Almost every skein I have ever used had a break in it.  This happens when the yarn is accidentally cut or is broken or stretched, it is in two.  When this happens, it is like a lie in a relationship.  The lie stops everything.  You can try to cover it up, by quickly tying it, but if you don't secure it, and you pull too hard, all the work since then comes undone and your worse off then you were.  Same for covering up a lie.  At first it's a little white lie that doesn't hurt much, but is you cover it up with a bigger lie, things fall apart and are worse than the lie itself.
You must tell the truth, ask forgiveness, and mend the relationship.  You must secure the break so that you can move on.  It will always be there, but over time, that break will be less noticeable, as you find forgiveness and earn back trust.
No matter how perfect a skein of yarn is, it's always going to have flaws.. But, if you work with the flaws and use the proper tools, fixing what's wrong, it will become something you can love and cherish for a lifetime.

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