Thursday, January 16, 2014


There are several ways to organize your yarn stash.  Personally, I am fond of the criss cross method. It's basically squares that are turned diagonally.  Right now my stash is divided amongst two bookcases.  It's not very pretty but it does it's purpose.  I've also found that you can put a single skein into a pickle jar or partial skein in a mason jar.  I am not very fond of using glass around my children, but my grandmother has canned foods since I was little so she had plenty extra jars to give me. 
Shelving makes it easy so you can see what yarns you have.   My black shelf has full skeins on the top shelf, bins of small balls and partial skeins in the middle, and sock yarn on the bottom.  The wooden shelf I have because the big box store was out of black.  It's alright because I'm not that picky. Only our living room set matches because we bought the pieces at the same time.  We have my old trunk in the living room.  I spray painted it purple years ago. The entertainment center is wood.  The shelves are black? I think.  One coffee table is black, the coffee table our computer is on is wooden.  It's mate is beside my side of the bed.  Our whole place is just mix and match.  Ha!  It's funny really.  After my husband and I married, we moved in together. I brought my things from my moms house. I had linens and no bed, he had a bed and no sheets.  I had towels, he had a tv. I had movies.  We knew it was perfect.  He's always had what I lacked and I have what he lacks.  The wood shelf has full skeins on top, books and pretty vannA yarn in the middle and my cotton and project bins at the bottom.  Both have my monkeys on top and I have a closet organizer nailed sideways above the black shelf to put my really pretty yarn in.
My hooks and needles are in yars.  The ones I really like are in my purple polka dotted makeup bag.  Of course, my knitting project is on top of my purple chest in the living room and my crochet projects are beside my bed.  
I have yarn out at all times.  

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