Friday, January 10, 2014


Planning a family vacation is harder than it seems. To me, it's simple.. I would like to go to Florida, see my sister, hang out at a resort, maybe go to sea world and the beach.  Have a nice week long stay. My husband isn't much to discuss things.  I like to plan ahead of time to make sure we have enough money.  If it's going to be $2,500 that's fine, but we can't spend that on useless junk.  I actually want to do something.
He doesn't want to fly.  Well I can't blame him on that one because I don't want to fly either. I am afraid of heights and scared of what might happen.  Driving with the boys in a small car is almost impossible.  So Florida is out.  A cruise is out because we might get sea sick or have to leave boys with a sitter, my mom wouldn't appreciate that to much.
He suggest going to memphis.  Okay. Well I do research and come up with some ideas of crappers that might be fun.  Ugh, really if we are going to stay for a week and only go to the zoo.  I don't see the point in it.  But anyways here I am looking at things, researching, doing price comparisons and all he can do is play stupid video games. Well, I guess we won't have a vacation this year.
Oh well, we probably won't be doing anything and I'll be putting up with him for 3 whole weeks of cranky butt plus the boys.  Oue vei!!! I'm tired of doing all the planning.  I could just as easily spend the money on something for myself.  I could really use a couple of pairs of jeans.  It would be nice to have some that actually fit me and weren't about to rip apart.  Also, another dresser since my clothes are in bags after having to share mine with him.  Maybe I will get a skein of yarn. Ha! I haven't bought yarn in 3 weeks. I'm really needing some for the blanket I am making as a gift, but really can't get any right now.  Yeah I'm in a bad mood.  I do apologize for the rantings.  
Maybe I will ignore everyone later, after sleep, today and do nothing but crochet. Yeah, crochet and pretend the world around me does not exists.  That sounds really good right now. 

* my husband really is a great guy, but when it comes to planning, he stinks*.

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