Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday and Sunday

This weekend has been a bit hectic.  I completely forgot to blog yesterday.  We've been on our trip.  Yesterday morning my husband wakes me and tells me I need to get dressed and go.  Okay, sure.. I get ready to go.  Our boys are ready, and guess who doesn't have clean pants?  Yup, my husband!! Okay this is a bit hilarious.  I had towels washing so we had to wait til they were done.  His load was (2) two pairs of pants.. How funny.  So we waited and waited some more.  We end up leaving 2 hours after schedule.  We get to where I'm suppose to call his cousin and get directions to her house, pull out my phone, my hubby dials because I'm driving, and my phone dies.  Great!! I don't know where she lives, my husband doesn't know and his phone is almost dead too,  I pull off the highway at the next exit.  We find a mc d's.  No problem, we go in, sit down and charge our phones right?? Wrong, we go in and guess what?? Not a single outlet!! What?? Okay that's a bit crazy.  We try chikfilet, can't even get a parking space.... So we go in the AT&T store! Yay!! I have a associate plug my phone in.. We wonder around for a good 30 minutes.  My phone should be charged right?  Hahaha!! Wrong again.. Nothing, the extension must have been turned off, we ask another associate& they direct us to a table, viola!! It works, we sit down and wait some more, the boys spinning around in the chairs.  Finally call my husband's cousin... Luckily they are in town and meet us there.  She loved the crocheted items I made for her baby to be.  I gave her her sister's as well, she just had a baby girl.  We leave with semi charged batteries.  We arrive at my dad in laws house finally we can eat!!! Haha! Um, no..., we have another 30 minute drive back the way we came to see the church hubby is preaching at.  Not to mention the pit stop to see my sis in law. It was nice seeing her!   We get home and I'm starving, speggitti.. Yummy  I don't like speggitti! 
-more later-

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