Friday, January 3, 2014

Someone else's opinion

The other day I was going thru my social media site and I came upon a post asking about trademarks.  I really am confused.  I've been crocheting things throughout the years, mostly based on a photo I've seen or a certain place I've been.  It's hard to know what is original. 
Almost everything anyone comes up with has been thought of by someone else.  Take example: mac&cheese pizza
20 years ago, way before anyone started serving it, I decided to put my max& cheese on a slice of pizza.  My brothers thought it was gross... Now, at least 2 pizza chains serve it.   Who's idea was it? That's like who came up with Mac& cheese? Exactly who knows, I sure as everything don't.
I was criticized over some "minion" hats. When in fact they have nothing to do with them. My son liked the movie and I went and bought yellow yarn. The minions obviously are not made of yarn. They are digital, not even real... So how could I copy that??  I haven't reproduced any products from the company that made the movie.  It's like saying I'm wrong for coloring a flower because there are flowers in lilos hair?? I don't know but it really upsets me when other people judge my work.  I looked on her profile and there were a lot more than minions. Don't wanna hear about anymore crap from her.  Oyevai

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